The Walker on the Waters Part 2

I am who am ….

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“Centuries ago a rich merchant lived on the edge of a desert. That man had became so rich that he had begun to worry about how to protect his assets.

After having pondered about this for a long time, he decided to build a fortress in the desert where he would lodge with his courtesans, wives, children and servants. In that fortress, he would safeguard his vast riches.

So, he immediately began to work on this project, calling the most famous architect to build a fortress with walls of a never before seen, height and depth.

The work resulted in being more lengthy and costly than expected. After several years, the construction of the fortress was completed. He found himself without money, and a huge number of women and children and servants to feed, but believed that this fortress was unconquerable.

During these years, his jobs had a bad turn…

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