The Walker on the Waters Part 3

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The “Mantram of Power”


Needless to say, that once I returned home to Rovinj, for several weeks I seriously engaged myself in the recitation of the formula suggested by my mentor,  which  I named “The Mantram of Power”. But it didn’t seem very “powerful”. Rather, it appeared to me, to articulate only empty and senseless words that touched neither my personality or behaviour or the usual way to see myself and the surrounding environment.

Above all, I had strove to contact this person, to learn something that had been presented to me as a meditation on the Tarot (a discipline I had learned later), and he offered me a formula that hadn’t any effect on me, except to make me feel that I was wasting time.

So, I decided to speak about this with my old mentor F., who lives in Rovinj. After having listened attentively, he replied: “These words…

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