It is indicative of a disease that a “business as usual” message should constantly try to assert itself against the run of actual events.

So it is with the Sottish Referendum on the dissolution of the Untied Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

If the vote approves Scottish Independence, then there is talk in Westminster of the Prime Minister resigning and the adoption of a Government of National Unity being declared until the General Election in 2015.

“Horse” and “stable door” are two expressions that come to mind.

How could this be happening, the possible dissolution of the UK? The conspiracy theorists will say that Scotland has been deliberately sacrificed to trigger a Government of National Unity that might just save the Liberal Democrats from annihilation, or sacrificed to some other computer modeled outcome too sophisticated to be spotted, yet.

The sad fact is that the breakup of the United Kingdom, if it occurs, reflects a mix of karma, Westminster brinkmanship, Scottish opportunism, global sickness and an unforeseen opportunity for the common good. That last component is present always of course!

Leading politicians in the UK were warned of the fragility of the national and international Constitutions across populations, corporations and governments consistently after the 2010 General Election and the need for a Government of National Unity.

The NO vote will scrape a victory on the 18th September.

The experience should galvanise the Executive to see the peril that the UK is in and the reality of the conditions that face all of us.

Unfortunately, unless the diagnostic acuity of the leadership systems surrenders to reality, there will be no victory for anyone and conditions will worsen.


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