From up in a room in the roof of a converted cow shed, like a member of the resistance in enemy occupied Europe in 1942, the tablet opens and it starts to transmit.

People who are tuned in to this broadcast frequency have been given this frequency by their HQ. What does HQ stand for? It stands for Highest Quotient.

I am one of the most intelligent people on the planet today with an IQ of 164. This is simply a fact. From this fact derives my determination to find out just what is actually occurring in my life as against what the system tells me is happening. By the word system, I mean my own inner nervous system as well as the outer system of cultural command and control.

My life from the age of my puberty has been lived in an inner battleground. Love has been my only shield and guide. My inner condition, my yin/yang being married, is now clear to me. My outer conditions I now see are embroiled in commotions that I can recognise from my inner experiences that have been resolved for me but are now being played out in the plurality.

So, my seeming choice is either to leave my outer world to itself and sit smugly in my inner cohesion, or to find a way to join in with the resistance movements that are being attacked by the old era that doesn’t accept that it has already gone.

The smoke and mirrors of control are seemingly all prevailing in the outer world. They are however only seemingly so, just as the inner conditions in my life eventually have had to give way to a direct experience of a Singular consummation, so too the outer environs of my being are universally connected. So, I have no choice, other than to turn seeming into seemly.

This connectivity is exposed by quantum physics and by the mystic’s verse, there is only One.

A glance at my blogs show that my work is indeed seemly, courteous, caring as to the positions of my seeming opposition even though their position is untenable within the pandemic of stuck-addiction©. So, this work is really only a transmission to those with the receivers to hear it. Like all true Sufi calls, it is a lullaby to those who are to stay asleep and a rallying call to those awakening.

The success of your inner venture is assured, fear not. The adherents of the old ways have already died, they just don’t realise it yet in their sleep. The adherents of the new ways have not quite seen themselves yet as more folks wake up.

How can I know this?

I simply look inside to see how the environs are becoming and are to become.

2 thoughts on “Transmission

  1. I like and admire your decisive and incisive thinking and expression. I,m in awe of your IQ which I shouldn’t be I suppose as it is tinged with a touch of envy. I am glad for it though as I can see it is in service to your heart which makes it a very formidable tool indeed. If your Intelligence has an underlying impression of the ‘all is well’ ( as indeed it HAS to be from Our perspective) it reassures my heart and promotes further courage. Courage to keep the steady gaze, to be ready for what comes, ready always to take the leap of faith when necessary. Yes, it isLove which comes through ( you saw my post re ‘Still Alice’). Knowledge that this is the case is true knowledge, true Intelligence and the only ‘item’ of knowledge one needs. Keep the words coming because as you know they truly matter. 🙏💚

    1. Thank you for your feedback, given some of my expression it takes some courage to be seen to support it – and then to be encouraged to continue, means more than i can say, bless you.

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