Your condition is entirely a reflection upon what really dominates you, what rules you.

You may try to impose preconditions upon this rule, but the dition has the final say.

Dition is internal and external.

The Work is for a person to truly hold their inner dition for themselves as an integer, a personal edition of The Human.

History shows that outer dition in the form of systems of mass control work most efficiently for the wielders of the power of mass control when personal inner dition is disabled or compromised by continual dilemmas.

Inner dition is experienced in the organ of a personal conscience.

When this deep inner organ atrophies as a result of illness, the healing is delivered to it within a capsule of “unconditional positive regard”.

Love is the Human original and Universal Source Code of dition. To be restored to this originality, previous con-ditions are challenged. This capsule of contradiction can only be delivered to the site of a personal or systemic collapse of command by a person who is truly in connection to their Source Code.

Reprogramming occurs naturally, eventually, when in the presence of genuine unconditional positive regard.

“Un” is the prefix that breaks the old “con” that makes us go along with the old ditions that enslave internally and externally.

Positive means certain.

Regard means a way of looking that incorporates light with which all looking occurs.

Love is Light.

Light breaks, then heals by shedding itself upon a problem, allowing the shedding of old hard skins, inner and outer calloused behaviour softens then changes.


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