Inner Meteorology

As can be seen on the chart, there are three feeling states – pleasant, unpleasant and neutral.
These relate to the simple terminal correlations that produce a “current” in electricity, water, air and the psyche as it is read emotionally.
The physical body of mankind is a universal piece of kit that utilises basic instincts and feelings to interface with its environment, to then gauge the existential experience personally with emotions that are only then culture, gender and language specific.
The instincts can be referred to as being 1. security instinct 2. social instinct 3. sex instinct.
The instincts braid together developmentally in a reactive container that is the feeling differentiator, as a plasma of feelings flow around the instincts like coolant around nuclear fuel rods, expansions and contractions occur that produce the three previously mentioned states as pressure systems that are similar to an inner meteorology.
Even the word ‘depression’ is a term that is utilised to describe low pressure in meteorology and low feelings that translate as depressed emotions psychologically. When the inner sun is out, or even when the attempt to lighten up is made artificially, then people sometimes say that they feel ‘high’.
The inner pressure system of feelings links to the blood pressure system as the blood flow is directly affected by the instinctive reaction to life and the regulating effect of the heart.
This inner system produces a flow, a current of feelings that provide the possibility of this motion being understood emotionally.

The misunderstanding of inner weather is at the core of the stuck-addiction pandemic that is collapsing populations and governments globally.

About Andrew Dettman

Counsellor, Leadership Consultant, Poet, Cabbie,
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