Financial Warfare

This message is so important because it correctly identifies the stand that the junior doctors are taking on behalf of the British public.

Stuck-addiction© places the executive function of individuals, corporations and nations into similar and foregone places of dysfunction.

New ideas become closed off and there is an increasing desperation to make the old ways work come what may.

Our global relationship to money is an old way.

The system is broken. In the past physical war recalibrated the financial machine and was rolled out regularly by the global junta running it. Latterly, this device has had to go asymmetric in its application of physical warfare as a business model, but the same device is still being applied politically and tangentially where there are large amounts of cash that are not in the private sector.

The budget of the UK NHS is the same as the GDP of Denmark. If that money were to be injected directly into the veins of the dying global machine then there would be a short term recalibrating fix – at least that is the plan.

So, TTIP is the global financial assault plan to save the old paradigms in the face of the executive denial that stuck-addiction© is killing the national and international body politic.

They do not even have to have thought the plan through, so they can legitimately deny it, it is simply happening to them as a logical consequence of their entrenchment – the global leaders and the junta behind them, honestly think that they are doing their best.

Only a diagnosis of illness can release leadership into the necessary cathartic process that will engage new creative ways to begin a new era.

There is not much time left to us …. but there is enough if we listen to and can hear the brave doctor leading this post.

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