A break is a brake
Upon the wheel
The weal that marks
The place of contact
The meeting
Of perception
With events of form.
To make a stand
Resists a flow
Into we’ll or won’t
Amidst rulers’ news
That never measured
Anything straight
Forward, ever.
Peace, the mark of
Authentic being
Is made
Then kept.
I keep the piece
Given to me
Within One whole
As mine
Not to give away as peace
But as a way
To pass my understanding.
I understand
What is that you say again?
Ah, yes, I understand.
How, how do I understand, you say?
By standing under,
By being under,
By knowing who I’m under,
By subsisting.
Love is my subsistence
Out of which
Existence appears insistent
Yet, persistence shows
That assistance happens
When least expected,
Despite resistance in oneself
To disbelieve,
Belief appears, again

About Andrew Dettman

Counsellor, Leadership Consultant, Poet, Cabbie,
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