The Human

From the verb “be”, comes the word “being”.
There are not many beings on this planet who are permanently manifesting their Human beingness with presence and conscious witness.
There are flashes of Human beingness amidst the behavioural gardens of Mankind, but mostly there are a range of beings within Mankind that pay lip service to the term Human.
There are money beings, political beings, career beings, gender beings, nationalist beings, religious beings, academic beings, instinctive beings – very few people who are Human, being a person.
In front of our global noses there is a spiritual battle unfolding without any analysis of the actual conditions.
In the last US leadership election there were no spiritual voices in the debates.
Everywhere the common perception of spiritual force, ie religion, is conveniently discredited. Nowhere can the Trump phenomenon be accurately assessed spiritually for fear of seeming medieval or fanatical.
Yet, the integrity of the intellectual assessments of current affairs risks being broken down by the asymmetric vortex that is being deliberately manufactured by Trump and his intimates.

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