Precious is the personal identity in the immensity of One consciousness. Consciousness is the ocean that contains the invisible and the visible Universe.

The brain does not generate consciousness, it is the arbiter of how the articles of that which is precious to the heart meets the One consciousness in the interface of a conscience.

Where Love is truly ordering a personal conscience, then the conscience grows and expands to meet eternal Consciousness and receive limitless insight pertinent to the material moment of total interaction.

Development of a personal conscience is a science, where science is general knowledge.

The personal awareness of that which is held as pre-cious is the unavoidable definer of a con-(s)cious contact with Consciousness made vehicular in a personal conscience.

When the conscience of a person is attacked by a misguided love of monetary based power and influence that moots itself as the only way to manage Mankind, then this infection can eventually collapse the sacred connection between Consciousness and personal awareness of Itself in Human beings, as constructions of rule utterly oppress people rather than enabling personal consciences to flourish and expand.

When this phenomenon of displaced rule reaches bounds that are not to be passed, Consciousness brings about a recalibration as is described in The Bhagavad Gita, directly.

How could this not be so, when, other than moot points, there is only Consciousness of Love in existence?

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