Mission Impossible

As Denis Healey, Labour stalwart and former Chancellor said, events don’t just happen, they’re made to happen, and they’re made to happen by those that hold the purse strings.

So, why wouldn’t global money and occult/secret connections with their knowledge of each other and their personal predilictions (boringly the same as all ruling juntas through history) use all modern power to achieve their aim of global monetisation of everyone and everything?

It’s what most people would do in their shoes, isn’t it?

What would you do with 50 billion dollars if you had stolen it legally from the system?

Sadists especially like to train compliance into the noncompliant, it’s their blind spot, their Achilles heel. Masochists it seems consent to this feigned noncompliance?

Power fetishises people, places and things – it’s what fetishism is all about, the objectifying of control and the assuaging of appetite.

Consent is the most powerful principle of these democratic times. We are told that we are governed and policed by consent. The root arbiter of control for the legal management of Mankind’s sex instinct is consent.

Take back control of your consent and see what happens for you personally and collectively. Listen to yourself, lead yourself for a change, or at least be willing to make a start on that inner journey.

Anarchy is actually a personal state of harmonious inner government, which is why the mafia of the mediocre have stolen the word and perverted its meaning to divide and rule people.

Monetised systems of power, ie systems that pay lip service to Love but actually prostitute everyone and everything for a trust only in money, are powerful only because the people consent to manipulation.

A little work on yourself is the most powerful weapon against the monetised imbalances that seek to maintain their estates.

Life has no opposite therapeutically speaking. In a modern culture that has with all good intentions “risk assessed” everything to the point of sterility, then the cathode/anode connections of our Ode to Joy, can become unwittingly disconnected.

Then, the quite natural wariness of death can turn into individual and collective levels of obsession with death as can often be seen in the news.

When authorities symbolically say to those under them, “we own your death day”, either physically or reputationally, then some people either consciously or unconsciously engage in dare-devil activities that reclaim their relationship with their death day, to revivify their sense of being.

This phenomenon is actually at the core of addiction, or stuck-addiction© as I have termed the growing pattern of disease in our modern culture.

Illness is illness. Clearly from the point of view of entitlement, Iblis is entitled to be deceitful, it is related to His title the Misleader.

There is only One thing going on, so tact and clarity are essential. Truly, the rich are here for the poor, the poor for the rich, that both may come to their senses.

“The poor you will always have with you, I am here only for a short time ….” is attributed to Isa. If true this principle extends to the entitlement of the rich to be rich.

So, when a drunk drinks, that person is entitled with power over the functions of the body given to them as their servant, as their vehicle.

If that entitlement is exercised beyond bounds over and over again, then the body will send ever urgent messages of distress to that which holds the title over the body.

There is then a crucial window of survivability when the pain transmitted by the body meets the potential for the breakdown of denial in the entitlements of the person in the body and the person accepts illness and asks the body for help and also help from outside of its orbit from persons who know how to articulate a way to recovery.

The present 1000 people in this world who have most of the money coupled with the 150000 democratic representatives of the top 20 countries, added to the 2000 directors of the top global corporations, added to the 2000 top global organised criminals, together represent an entitled global body power dynamic that is mortally ill.

Those in the body of the global populations must transmit their pain to this brain of the world as regularly as possible, hourly, certainly daily if possible.

The message to the rich must be of no blame, but that the people know that they are very sick to be destroying the body that must serve them in their entitlements.

They can then have chance of seeing their illness and that it is not their fault and then individual Iblis resentments can relent, and wake up.

When enough of the entitled powerful relent, then they will see their relationship to the poor in their body from a wholly new place.

The challenge is to mobilise this message from the body of the world population to the entitled without it being violent or full of blame.

Dignity is with the oppressed. Dickens wrote his book A Christmas Carol to help the rich wake up whilst they still have time. Morris West took this simple panacea to its logical end in his book in The Shoes Of The Fisherman.

My work is to help with this almost impossible message, it is not clear to me whether it is to be successful.

I am everything that a man can be and still remain incarnate of God, but it is as I have written, I have no plan other than, I am the plan …. as Gandhi said, “be the change that you want to see in the world”.

It is, it seems, somehow writing itself and clarifying, even if only between me and thee, so thank you for reading this.

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