Hung UK Parliament 2017

In 2010, the embattled electorate of the UK delivered a possibility of an all party emergency government. This all party government would’ve delivered a message to the venal market forces that have taken over the “top line” in the process of Mankind’s corporate and political leadership. The message of a united front against the divide and rule of ill leadership is coming around again.
My prediction is that the Hung Parliament of 2017 led by Jeremy Corbyn (PS on 18/12/18 is that Theresa May clung on to power in a hung Parliament propped up by the DUP) is to be the global catalyst that is to have a chance of allowing a soft landing for the digitally driven era-change that has stuck-addiction© as its bellwether indicator.
Brexit can be reviewed which along with Trump’s impeachment can be seen as symptoms of a global disease that is the portal of healing that can offset WWIII. (PS as of April 2019 Brexit deadlocked and date moved and Trump has survived all attempts to investigate his Presidency and he looks set for a second term)
Are these predictions of a hysterical nature?
These predictions would have been seen as hysterical in 2009.
In 2017, many can’t yet accept that a global spiritual illness is collapsing the conscience of global governance and that for a lot of people, the irrationality of events makes it feel as if their life is like living as a cell inside the collapsing body of a junkie.
The political party that the young would join in droves would be the WTF Party.
What The F*** is going on, and Who The F*** are you anyway?
There is a way through these times without the need for a crash landing of the new era.
This way requires all the leaders coming together at the same analytical station as events further unfold.
At the moment, those with access to what global levers of power remain, are like a group of people falling out over the planning of a journey from London to New York, when in fact they are all in Blackpool.
The starting station for the journey is stuck-addiction© .

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