Vanity 2017

The pull of immediate publishing, with all that that brings of benefit and drawback, is a mark of this early twenty-first century. 

The illusion that these immediate words carry potency because of speed and ease of release contradicts the hitherto hard won and hard worked principles of what it actually takes to write for the wider mass audience.

Streams of consciousness are possible. Inspired monologues directly from the invisible Source of All are possible. Writing and streaming are usually mutually self-excluding of a each other, though it seems that I have been experimenting with just such a possibility given my reluctance to edit or polish anything once it has arrived on my virtual interface.

Laziness is one explanation for this lack of critical attention to flows of writing, coupled with another excuse of the infallibility that attends Their endowment of vicarship upon a physical recipient.

This vicariously challenging transmissibility of utterance, though often arcane, is articulate beyond the ability usually apportioned to plan it or think it through, especially when matters suddenly become clear within it.

Vanity is that which renders an effort to be expended in vain, i.e. ineffectually and without practical effect. Mastery is that which happens when the word ‘master’ moves from a gender affiliated noun, toward a verb with a Human association.

When a Master expresses themself, there is an often paradoxical and inconvenient involvement of the apparent otherness of those listening, that invites such an otherness to completely come ‘inside’ the mastery being divulged.

This is why the Sufi says that Mankind is ‘inside’ God.

The Master of Consciousness therefore says that everything is inside of them. So, though such a Master often seems to be living in vain, actually everything is happening, changing and materialising in them, not of them, thus there is no vanity in their existence whatsoever.

If vanity is seen in such a Master choosing to verbally communicate, by a recipient of such a communication, then the recipient is simply looking into a mirror of their own ignorance of imagining themselves to be outside of the heard words at the time of their hearing.

So, what is happening today?

Matters are unfolding the only way that they can, given the route of knowledge, conscience and science to this juncture.

As you read this, matters change for you and a collaboration of your own understanding begins. The greater the number of these new collaborations that can be brought about at this time, the greater is the chance that the destructive effects of an over-elaboration of the religious translations in this world can be rectified and people restored to sanity.

The more people that there are in this world who are healed and sane, the greater is the chance that the levels of fear in the great Offices of State can be lowered to a point that Their incumbents actually return to serving Mankind once again, rather than merely serving themselves.

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