I am

I am here

In the places of your depravity

In the wanky, shitty, crooked cavities, that pass as your fearful strife

In the pain that seems eternal, in the scraping gouge of your misery

I am here

When the manifoldness of excess gets blocked by your exhaustion

When light seems lost in the baffled shutters of endless mistakes

I am here

In every suicide, genocide, patricide, fratricide, or infanticide

In every atom of every angry, ignorant, unspeakable cruelty of seeming separation

I am here

I am there

In the economy of modalities, the politics of modernities, the battling academies of antiquities, the architectures of sublimities and technologies of possibilities

I am everywhere

The coincidental happy times take care of themselves

The incidence of harmonies, the unoffending and unbidden humours

The laughter of the throng in parties of celebration and generous acceptance of each others’ life

These planned accidents of togetherness or solitude do not immediately seek me, though I am there

I am here

In the storm of the doom-laden messages of relentless change

I appear as a rainbow drawn as a bow across the angry sky

I am here

I am here for the sick, for those sick of being sick

For those harrowed to the point of readiness to receive their new crop

For those sick of metaphor, parable and analogous similitudes, still

I am here

There is no-one lower than, nor higher than me that can in connection say

I am here

I am the transcending that connects the ascending and the descending

I am the moment in all movement, for without moment, movement has no word to exist within

I am here

As for That which made me, That which makes you to hear me

I cannot say, Love

For only You know That


For yourself.

2 thoughts on “I am

  1. A great poem Andrew, reminds me of a similar one by Tich naht Han. We are called upon to bear witness to it all, especially when we,re in the midst of it. How will we bear it? It doesn’t bear thinking about…. And yet… Here we are in the midst of it now. The ‘ esfal I safalin’ – it has to be borne, born because of the Great Compassion. My mind can just about hold it but what is needed is that the heart holds it. But my heart breaks and cannot hold anything when faced with the body of a starving infant.. Does the journey have to reach so low? Yes, if the journey is to reach so high. No, I’m not there yet. What a proving ground this is. Let me not be crushed in death but opened up.
    Peace and love brother 🙏🏼❤️

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