Organised Crime and Organised Government, these descriptive bodies are in apparent opposition and separation, yet they seem to leak into each other no matter which culture is presently or indeed historically viewed.

The peoples that are held in the vice of life that has the organisational jaws as mentioned above, these people are kept in a state of confusion. The more is known, the less anything makes sense. The eight hours work, eight hours sleep and eight hours marvelling at creation with one full day off, is a template seemingly forever lost.

Money unites the Organisations of Crime and Government. Money is their driver, their arbiter of success and efficiency, their excuser of behaviour, their explanation for the inescapable order of collective life. Lip service is paid to God by Parliaments and Mafias alike. Fear is the fuel for all of their organised machinations and the very railway line upon which the trucks of their subjugation run, carrying masses of people to whatever camp of concentration they have been conned into calling a career.

The history of this calamitous state of affairs is documented and analysed ad nauseam by the academic minds of the global intelligentsia. The Rothschild conspiracy theorists conveniently forget that the urge to control money grew out of a horror of witnessing the fact that Mankind worships money. The Rothschild mind-set saw wars, religious hypocrisy, bullying, banality and the venal oppression of the many by the few.

The globalisation that now threatens to collapse in on itself has held its nerve through the change of the hegemony from British to American Empire and believes that ends justify means.

No blame can be placed on ignorance.

The era that was born after the collapse of Rome just over 2000 years ago, this era is itself now collapsing.

The question is only one of timescales and how events are to shake out within this inevitability of change that now impacts every minute of the global news machine.

Love has an Organisation. Love’s organ is conscience. Love’s Organisation has presence, has positions of embodied authority that conduct its business, that send out its communications.

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