The Latrine Expletives

“Read all about it, read all about it …. a US President is found to have used usually hidden Corporate Boardroom language in an open political meeting …. read all about it!!”

WTF? Wake up world. This is not a racist issue. This is a monetary issue devolving from a broken global Ponzi Scheme that died in 2008AD, a Ponzi Scheme that though now a zombie, is still manifesting as pretending to have the only available ethical hegemony of a whole species to carry on with its insanity. An insanity that has given the same wealth held by half of the species, to just eight people.

In the UK, as this piece is written, Carillion is pleading for a bailout as huge debts, along with loss making contracts that are linked to the insanity of lowest price tendering prioritisation by government systems as at Grenfell Towers and a half a billion hole in the pension scheme, all cook together to bring down this icon of a globally failed monetary system.

So, there are shitholes in the deteriorating Empire. Every Empire that we know of in history is very good at laying waste to land and turning it into a shithole. So, do not think that Donald J. Trump was being a racist in his latest alleged remarks about parts of his declining Empire, he was simply being Imperial. Trump might as well have said, like a previous Imperial hegemon when presented with the plight of the poor, “let them eat cake.”

It is vital at this time of global collapse to keep free from the chaff of energy issuing from the actual policy arsehole of the zombie global Ponzi Scheme as it increasingly suffers from very real symptoms of political, financial and diplomatic incontinence, whilst then trying to project this chaff onto other apparently material shitholes purported then to be of their own making.

This zombie global Ponzi Scheme speaks through the utterances of the G20 countries irrespective of which party or personalities front up the messages of their individual monetary policies, that all rest anyway on the QE injections made and still being made, by Central Banks post 2008.

The zombie global Ponzi Scheme has the US as the present roosting place of its Eagle. However, the writhing energy of chaff being emitted from the Ponzi Scheme’s centuries old collective, dogmatic, metaphorical arsehole, is to be found sprayed into the back stories of many nations, including the US. Then seen everywhere from the Brexit brew haha, to the Middle East cauldronisation now involving Saudi as the US and Israeli proxy, from the North Korean standoff to the China/Russia threat to challenge the oil-dollar …. and on and on.

The billionaires in every culture unite behind their common Golden Calf to keep the value of their holdings somehow seeming to be alive to the rest of us, when in fact, as always happens, the money-lenders have to be and are again being exposed, as being the destroyers of Mankind when allowed to assume a primacy in a culture.

The shitholes of the world, whether those described by Trump, or in the Gaza Strip, or in Syria, or in the rotting carcass of Grenfell Tower in the UK, these are not caused by one race’s view of another race, not caused by skin colour, but by the tribal hypocrisy of money infected power dynamics. The oil and gas reserves in the Golan Heights have driven Israeli policy much more than their pretended fear of other people of The Book misquoting scriptures and being anti-Israel.

Even Pope Francis said this in 2016: “You have cast out the wonder of creation — man and woman — and you have put money in its place. This is a basic terrorism against all of humanity! Think about it!”

Be not fooled by the appearances of this time. Everything is working itself out as it has to work itself out. We appear here between our birthday and deathday, between our waking-up and going to sleep, between our in-breath and out-breath. Connect those simple terminals in your life, meditating first on your breathing, and those that pretend to own your death-day will have no power over you that is not given by Love Alone.

Love Alone is the cause of this Universe.

2 thoughts on “The Latrine Expletives

  1. I was a hidden treasure
    That loved ( desired and wanted ) to be known
    Therefore I created this world
    In order ( whatever it’s apparent chaos may imply to you with your as yet limited vision)
    That I be known ( in totality, in all freedom of expression however it may appear).

    In love we stand, loving, evolving, revolving. From love we come and to love we return.
    May we love ourselves, may we love and help others on our journeys and may it be made easy for us. It is Him we turn to and it is Him we ask for aid. 🙏🏼✨🌙🌹

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