Can you show me a country on the face of the Earth today in 2018 where a significant majority of that country’s population is happy and feels connected freely with their leaders’ Executive function?

What does your answer tell you about the way that you see the world, tell you about the way in which you receive the news and the way in which you feel about how successfully you are connected to your body, how much connection you feel with your universal animal instincts?

These questions are not designed to confuse you. With even a quick skim through my blog postings from my two blogs that I’ve written over the last four years, then it can be seen that I hold that a disease is collapsing the leadership function of individuals and systems.

Car engines can be governed to protect them from misuse and to protect the drivers and the others who might be hit by them.

Governments are designed to protect those who are governed by them, to protect them from themselves until a maturity is arrived at that allows that person an inner anarchy that makes sense of having submitted to imposed discipline in the first place.

This inner anarchy does not seek the destruction of the mundane outer governments within which this inner anarchy has been made corporeally possible. On the contrary, an enlightened person sees from where and how the outer government arrives and seeks only to serve its balanced continuity, so that others may follow their proven pathway toward inner anarchy and freedom.

It is only the half-baked that try to completely destroy outer forms of government with promises of some Eutopia that would then naturally appear.

I am not saying that governments don’t need challenging, that they don’t need help to reform and innovate. What I am saying is that as an enlightened person, my job is to carry a message of inner anarchy for individuals and a message of strong and fair leadership for utility providing governments at local, national and international levels.

This is the only way that, as ‘Abd al Mu’min, my appearance within the utter Unity of Existence can make any sense of the certainty granted to me by God.

For you to understand what I mean by ‘certainty granted to me by God’, as a string of words that seem utterly unintelligible in this early twenty-first century, then you may have to put in a certain amount of effort.

In the meantime, the certainty that I appear

within carries on sustaining the material fabric of this outer world of ours, despite the best efforts of both the world’s struggling leaders and the naysayers who think that there is nothing save that which appears to their five physical senses.

About Andrew Dettman

Counsellor, poet, cabbie, diction worker. Ministrant.
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