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Well because it is the way that I make sure that I’m not having a hallucination according to Henry Ford who said, “”Vision without execution is just hallucination.”

Will-power is the key to the clarification of stuck-addiction©️.

What is will-power?

Will-power is the exercising of power to execute a plan in/with a single-minded manner.

The sentence which is at the core of the 12 Step Programme is:

Without help it is too much for us. But there is One who has all power — that One is God. May you find Him now! (AA Basic Text p 59)

The definition of addiction that I introduce to help understand what is happening around our culture:
Addiction itself is a necessary and healthy component of ordinary problem solving. This simple though startling statement for some, is shown clearly on the flow chart that is on every page of this site. The word ‘addiction’ simply means the ability to apply oneself in a single-minded manner to a chosen predictive problem solving pathway with willpower, during which time usual behaviour can become temporarily arrested. Upon the resolution of the problem, usual behaviour patterns are reinstituted. (

This clarification of how the word addiction is synonymous with healthy will-power is of urgent importance for this time of era-change from the Age Of Pisces as it gives way to the Age Of Aquarius. There are and always have been of course, old orders of control that unwittingly prefer to interfere with any emerging collective-will to change the systems of money and political-governance.

The old ways have already died away, they just don’t know it yet!

In The Lord’s Prayer, that is still by inference the Establishment prayer of the political initialising of UK MPs as they take their oaths of allegiance to The Monarch, there is a line, “Our Father who art in Heaven … Thy will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven.”

So will is the vital component of linking the invisible with the visible so far as power is the necessary energy to create structure here on Earth. Then the only argument is whether or not any mortal will can be seen to be an actual articulation of One God, or merely an articulation of a singularly mental invention of its own constructed mental superiority.

How are we to know?

Those in history who have been authenticated as being addicted to One Source have left their message that has lasted for millennia. Whereas those whose wills have been hooked onto their own invention have left a legacy that is partial, faded and nowhere near global.

The definition of stuck-addiction©️ is that the will-power of the person or the group is primarily linked to an intellectual theory of a governmental provision of resources under licence. This personal or collective government then deliberately limits the financial experiences of the many others, whilst pretending to extend their employment or political freedoms, when in fact only very small numbers of people become financially/culturally replete. This stuck-addiction©️ causes such mass resentment that at first the most sensitive and then increasingly large numbers of people, begin to exhibit symptoms that are now undeniablely crippling global cultures.

Alcohol, drugs, food, sex, money, gambling, over-work, celebrity worship, to mention but a few, are behaviour inducing phenomena whose misuse forces solely bottom-line driven actions that then collapse the Executive function of both individuals and corporates, manifesting then conscienceless actions of self and collective abuse.

The definition of addiction, that has healthy on/off controls, is that the will-power of the person or the group is primarily in service and harmony with Life’s Single Source which is a living Consciousness that is received and transmitted by individual people as Love.

Real Consciousness is not a theoretical state, it is a discoverable fact of a Singular nature.

To be opened to receive and transmit within this singular field, this is what people have called in the past Enlightenment. The Saints, Prophets, Buddhas, all those whose lives have left a message that still grows in resonance despite its contradiction of prevailing political/financial practice, their lives have not been theoretical.

My will to persist in my work may seem to be impossible to actualise against the prevailing models of the analysis of Man’s behaviours. However, my will is His will being done.

Otherwise, I can assure you, I would’ve stopped talking a long, long time ago in the face of the reception that I’ve often received. I would’ve stopped talking, kept my inner riches to myself, stayed deeply, deeply hidden – returning to the few others like me who presently remain relatively unnoticed in their covert Spiritual operations.

I drew the short-straw in the Operation Walls Of Jericho that is my regular trumpeting on about stuck-addiction©️.

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