Om Tat Sat

On and on the murky world of espionage, Empire, power and brinkmanship unravels before incredulous eyes. Where will it stop this sickness of secrecy as the poo is pushed from one side of the monkey cage to the other in a hypocritical attempt by a failing orthodoxy pretending to be different and “of the people”?

We the people aren’t fooled. We the people seem to be being given undeniable evidence of the horror that has been hiding in plain sight for hundreds of years.

The Offices of State are malfunctioning whichever party occupies their sullied seats.
How are the global Offices to be reconnected to the bodies they no longer serve?

If you have ever tried to stop drinking alcohol, to stop eating chocolate, to be totally sexually abstemious, to stop smoking, to lose weight, to make up with people after a huge argument, then you will know that the mind often has less control over the animal instincts than it needs to secure behaviour change, even in an emergency.

So it is with the collapsing Executive function in the Corporate and the Political hemispheres of the UK global position. The body that is the UK population is going to become increasingly jittery as looming change becomes inevitable.

History tells a story of the necessity for a state of emergency having to be declared when huge cultural change is afoot, usually on a war footing. The recent rallying cries by Greta Thunberg around a #climatecrisis do not seem to be able to galvanise the will of politicians with a willing body-politic for long enough to dare to start with what needs to done.

It may not be possible to repair the leaders with the led globally without a complete collapse, as happens when an individual becomes dislocated from their body in the illness of stuck-addiction©️

This collapse, when it comes, will be sudden, total and catastrophic, as happens when an individual person collapses in crisis, or when a company like Carillion collapses. There are always denied indicators in both personal and systemic collapse.

The indicators now for the national and international bodies that we the people live within are evermore loudly blasting out their warnings of imminent collapse.

There is hope. There is a way to navigate through these times. The compass is compassion. Compassion is inherent in spiritual leadership, in the top line that is presently missing from the bottom line driven Ponzi Scheme that is the collapsing global system.

When the collapse comes, the top line reconnects with the remaining bottom line to bring repair and recovery.
How do I know this?
Because I am this, a modern-day Child of the Heart (postscript link added 11/05/19)

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