There’s a lot of news recently about “trans” as a prefix that has become situationally attached to describe people, lifestyles and attempts at defining behaviours.

There are somewhere around 150 words that can be found utilising the prefix “trans” and the prefix has even taken on a “noun” connotation as people examine their gender rôles in the 21st century.

Whatever the definitions of the words prefixed by “trans”, there can be little doubt that they all reflect the power of this prefix as it denotes potential connectivity, or not.

Connectivity as a word exudes movement as a correlative word of orientation and meaning.

I would like to look at the word transmission in this blog post, I would like to see how the word mission is moved and transformed in its meaning and expression by it being prefixed by trans.

Matter has a mission. Matter is energised by Consciousness so that Consciousness can know Itself.

Einstein described this as E = mc².

Consciousness is synonymous with Energy as It transmits Itself across the equals sign into matter, from invisibility into visibility.

Humankind is the equals sign, the isthmus.

The top line of the equals sign interfaces with the invisible or the Metaphysical, the bottom line interfaces with the visible or the Physical. A person finds theirself in that space between these two lines that in themselves cannot meet consciously in any other way, because one would naturally destroy the other.

The invisible would normally be destroyed by the visible, the problem by the solution, unless there was a transformer put in place to allow this vital equals sign to actually have a chance of existing.

This is the mission given to Humankind, to consciously be the equals sign on Earth, to be the place of God’s transmission.

Mankind as a descriptor is a definition of unrealised potential – of people being unaware of this mission given by God to Himself as Consciousness residing in vehicular matter, standing necessarily as the connecting isthmus for the descending and ascending energy as the invisible meets the visible and then returns, being the transcending presence at every instant – except in brief flashes of insight and awareness.

The transforming of Mankind to Humankind is this possible alchemy that is narrated by Messengers as their mission given to them by God as something that becomes their subsequent transmission, their biographical residue that is left as a signpost for others when they die.

There is a difference between a spiritual experience and a spiritual awakening.

Contact with the transmission emanating from a person in receipt of a spiritual experience can provide a spiritual awakening in such a receptor.

This contrast between experience and awakening is the story of all known religion as mass movements have developed over time from the message of one person’s rendition of their experience of their contact with One as Consciousness Itself.

History is replete with people who have either pretended to have had a spiritual experience to then bamboozle others into following their every word, or who have said that their interpretation of the words of the founders of the few religious vehicles actually existing on Earth were God given insights that meant that they had power and authority over all who existed in those few religions.

This religious piracy is of course still happening in the these days. It is at the core even of the global political piracies that chant their slogans of material greatness with the ultimate slogan being a demanded amplification of God’s Blessings that are insisted upon as their right of passage permitting them somehow to carry on bombarding the lives of their electorates.

All trans words point to the transforming of One Love into conscious knowledge of Itself in an act of Its own material creation from Itself, in Itself, returning to Itself.

All trans words offer an insight into the way to reconnect that which has had the potential to have become somehow disconnected.

Hu is the term that singularises Humankind in Consciousness and opens the way to talk about reconnecting all Mankind and Womankind.

Man and Woman pluralise to Men and Women. Human pluralises in beings.

So, The Human, being you, meets The Human, being me, in the reception of my transmitted blog.

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