The science of the letters

Intuition is to tuition what Infinity is to finity. What does this mean?

It means that actually there are two tuitions and two finities or finites; one external, one internal.

Look out into the universe and though most have been told that it is physically infinite, they’re also told of a Big Bang, thus rendering its physicality finite.

Look into the teachings of the academics, because they’re materially based they’re ultimately finite, look into your own sense based cognition in your body fed by senses and memorised facts as mortality grants it’s temporary finite tuitions.

Mystics say that the outer universe can fit inside the person, yet both universes are finite. Where these universes meet in a realised person, there is infinity.

Only in the Middle, where the two tuitions and the two finites meet can the infinite intuition appear.

Where Essentially there is/are Two, there She/she is. From The Mother of The Universe to The Mother Earth, across The Human, being, infinite intuition writes of One Love.

Where then is He? He is Her writer, Her righter, Her riter, The Initiator and Concluder of Her rites, of passage, of The Human, being people.

Interview in my cab in Hull 2017

Lost in the question, the envious men and the despairing women vie for power from within their long emptied rituals of yesterday’s Nuptials.

Recognition of a voice is the only hope for those seemingly stuck in the mere repetition of events. As a window of opportunity returns, always new, ever the same, then those who are ready, recognise.

It takes One to know one, in The Alchemy Of Love.

None can foretell the outcome of these present recognitions, for it is entirely a matter of Intuition, simply trust yourself even as I am trusting.

God loves the brave and in the phonetic statement and question of who cares …. a Bridegroom answers, as the profane is made sacred once again.

Video blog link added 8th July 2020 ….

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