The Bridegroom

As Robert Graves is purported to have said, “there are so many women and so few men”.
 This poet was intimating the old way of the masculine serving the two feminines.
 The biology gives a symbolic clue.
 Woman is xx, man is xy.
 Together there is x(x)y(x).
 The ‘y’ is the Excalibur, the poetic function serving the ‘xx’ of Nature with the messages from the unseen (x) of Supernature.
 The masculine is then the bridge across which the Invisible manifests the visible.
 The true man must be married internally in his ‘xy’ first, to be able to present as ‘yx’, otherwise the power of the visible and Invisible feminine will tear him apart.
 This inner marriage is only possible if The Muse and the The God, the Invisible X and Y assist the man both in his travails and more importantly, in his return to serve the feminines.
 If this inner marriage is not present then the configuration is xxx(y), the unseen turns ruthlessly and erroneously masculine, the xxx denoting poison, pornography and the prostitution of the soul as money and a cartoon like patriarchy dominate a culture – no men husbanding as Her Bridegroom at all, just a bitchfest, a parody where the supposed leading men wear funny hats, large roles and uniforms to hide their disconnect.
 Women suffer this to happen, until they eventually don’t, as happened recently in Iceland after the financial crash.
 The Muse and The God though apparently different in material representation, are in Essence – One.
 This symbolism is reflected in the two Marys surrounding Christ, Mary Magdalene and Mary The Virgin. It is also present in Muhammad (pbuh) when he said three things were permissible to him whilst on this planet, ‘women, perfume and prayer’ – this is symbolic of the two feminines and one masculine, or two passives and one active with perfume symbolising the active, connective, message carrying function.

© AJ Dettman 2015

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