Whatever the system tries to call itself, all known systemic wars over thousands of years have been fought by systems that have traded with money.

Money is used as a capital letter to let trading systems interact with each other to measure exchanges of goods and services.

Nothing wrong with money, but if money becomes a commodity in itself to be exchanged, rather than a letter of the exchange of actual commodities, then counterfeiting ensues.

Counterfeiting is monetary hypocrisy.

All forms of hypocrisy destroy Mankind, eventually.

Counterfeit capital systems eventually misuse capital punishment to prosecute theoretical legal cases for crimes committed by other counterfeit systems against themselves.

Hence The Christ Jesus threw the money lenders out of the Temple just over 2000 years ago.


The Temple provides the template for The Sufi Jam. Without a living template Mankind cannot contemplate a way to live without war, and war is a breakdown evidenced by capital systems unable to contemplate a way forward without it.

So, as before, misplaced worshipped money is the actual situation of capital punishment being justified by an industrial war machine that feeds all sides with weapons in exchange for money.

Love is my capital letter.

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