Just One Person

How can just one person expect to have any impact upon the world?

Well, the present day leaders are “just one person” that exemplify a system admittedly, but still in their isolation of office they dictate events on behalf of their back-office ideologists.

So, the Paradox Messengers across the centuries that have rooted the handful of global religions and set the recorder for the tally of history’s years were “just one person” in their day.

So today, where is the “just one person” who is truly the carrier of God in their heart?

If history is anything to go by this “just one person” would be ignored by everyone, even by those closest to them sometimes.

Anybody who did intuit a glimmering of the “just one person” in their role would be soon gripped by a fear and denial equal and opposite to such glimmering.

‘My earth and My heavens cannot encompass Me, but the heart of My believing servant encompasses Me’.

A message from God through Muhammad (pbuh)

So God fits inside the heart of God’s believing servant.

‘Came to believe that a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity’.

Step 2 of the 12 Step Programme.

So for a start today, there is not “just one person” with their heart encompassing God, there are hundreds of thousands in 12 Step Fellowships globally. Over the 85 years of the 12 Step Programme’s history the number reaches millions.

Given that individual leaders in history wreak such physical destruction as they strut their power to do things on Earth, just what is the point of a person who encompasses God in their heart and what can they actually ‘do’?

This blog post gives the clue as to what the God holders actually do, for Mankind and Humankind are not the same just as the words are not the same word.

Humankind are born out of Mankind and Mankind is borne by Humankind.

Thus in the phenomenological study of global religions, patterns emerge of orthodox culture reaching points of crisis wherein mysterious figures arise of a paradoxical presence that seek to warn, help and actively lead a way for a new orthodox culture to arise.

When empires have been built by weaponising the messages of invitation previously delivered by paradoxical Messengers thus turning such messages into both explicit and implicit control by a singular ideology, then disaster and a dehumanising ensues rather than the humanising promised in the quotes of the particular misused Messenger.

Similarly even when intellectual revolutions have appeared to change orthodoxy with no pretence to quote spiritual legitimacy, then the costs in terms of brutally killing all opposing forces in order to impose their singular ideology of communism are simply a matter of history and equally dehumanising.

The leaders of the global congregations say to their addled flocks, “I am waiting for God, with you”. As a Spiritual Counsellor I say to the world reflecting Step 11 of the 12 Step template, “I am waiting with God, for you”.

It’s up to the relationship between Mankind and Mankind’s leaders then to dare to hear the message from their hosting spiritual holders for their very continuance or not, if there is to be any hope of effecting a change in the crisis looming large on Earth today.

One thought on “Just One Person

  1. The small acts of prayerful sincerity, uncompromising integrity, joy in witnessing beauty in examples of kindness and compassion, determine and hold fast to being that theophany….. this energy must simply be given out with no conditions. From Him, by Him and to Him, we do our best to hear, respond and complete the circle on our own small portion of the planet, in our hearts and daily lives. Yes we fall but we must get up and continue the journey, knowing that these small acts reach their aim and set off that far greater nuclear reaction of love. 🙏

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