The Symbol

Jung said that he saw God as “The Symbol of symbols “. This intimation may be clarifying at this time of monarch change in the UK and the British Commonwealth, whose total population is well over two billion people.

The paradox is that the British monarchy is held captive to the UK parliamentary system just as is the UK population. The symbols of state power with its necessary fetish for uniform and ceremony are presently holding many people around the world enthralled as they watch on their media outlets.

With many people about to stand for thirty hours to file past the late Queen’s coffin, the power of this phenomenon illustrates the connection of symbols in our world as they connect to The Symbol of symbols.

It’s clear that no mere political leader could ever evoke such a public response in the UK. So, as King Charles III assumes his position in history with all of the connection of that royal title as it has impacted upon the UK’s parliamentary system in the past, it may be interesting to see how much actual power he might channel toward events in the days to come.

In my work as an Addiction Counsellor, I have to inform my clients that everything and everyone in this post-Quantum age can be seen as symbolic and intimately connected. More than this, I have to inform people who have become almost hopelessly lost in their inner intimations around reading their symbols, that only a conscious contact with The Symbol of symbols can help to unravel their inner knots, their stuck-addiction and broken-addiction.

So, as the old power symbols meet the new power symbols, the Ancient of Days is present as ever.

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