I mind you clearly.

When the word mind is received as a verb rather than a noun, then even though a simple distinction the result is magnificent.

Middle vertical column meets second horizontal column to show the Ancient place.

So, the mind is the sixth sense. You can see that there is a bracket missing in the experiential portals, it is minding.

I am minding that the overall tenor of this post is challenging for many people. Yet, the service that the old Buddhist flow chart gives is inestimable. When mind is a noun, it is a box containing theoretically every thing that a person thinks, wonders, imagines, feels, desires, is ordered to do.

So, presently many, many people feel trapped in the box of their mind. This constraint is the root of much mental illness and much misdiagnosis. The wish to be out of their minds illustrates an increasing herd mentality phenomenon that exposes our Addictive System in a terminal decline.

Any imposition of a theoretical solution for people today will make the collective situation worse. Only an invitation to an evidence based possibility of a reconnection to an Ancient template for Mankind’s inner potential has any chance of averting the impending extermination that is the MAD of a nuclear war.

When the word mind is experienced as the verb that it is, a portal opens that is Ancient and Modern.

Because I mind you, I can remind you.

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