“The Earth bears witness to who I am” The Buddha

Correctives and perspectives
Agendas and dependants
Powers and principalities
Dilemmas and calamities
The loneliness of high Office.
Evil is there, not hidden at all,
Christ said, “this is not My world”,
No one saw Him, but the demons did,
The demons knew Him.
Hell is simply separation from consciousness.
This world then is hellish for most,
Rulers preferring hell to serving in heaven.
This world is not my world,
I am in it, but not of it.
This world is a place of purpose,
It is placed here in time and space
On purpose, to grow souls.
This world is perfect now,
According to its design
According to its remit
It is not a place to worry about
It is not a place that can be destroyed
It is a place that can make you
It is a place that can break you.
This world is a differentiation system
Coordinated and coordinating
Irreducible and ineffable,
Capable of anything, of everything,
Created by a Cosmic Intelligence.
You, you are not here by accident.
There are invisible beings and Man here,
There are shape shifting Djinn
There are gatekeepers and guides
All described in The Qur’an,
David Ike and the other theorists
Describe nothing new,
The Djinn and Man are here, now.
There are believing Djinn
There are believing members of Mankind,
There have never been many Human kind.
This world is to develop Human kind,
This world is a way to become Human, being.
Does that help you understand the media
Does that help you see hellish history
In a different way?
So, it’s your call, only you know you.
Are you part of this planet’s furniture,
Or are you just passing through
On your way home?
Love ❤ is the only pass out of this place.

Here and There …. Hear, hear.

Someone asked me where I’d been, I replied, “oh, you know, here and there.”

As a Counsellor, trained and experienced in ‘models’ of therapy, I am in a professional body of approach to client request for an appointment that often unwittingly sees any possible resolution for a person as being ‘over there’.

This is just as it is, and transitionally it is necessary for many, many people at this time. The 12 Step Programme is itself a vehicle for most that involves a participant in a spiritual awakening to a solution for a problem over their experience of time, even though a founder of the Programme, Bill W. was involved in a spiritual experience out of time, as a solution for his alcohol problem that he then transmitted to others over time.

To be both ‘here and there’, does then take a little practice for most people. The counselling models are more usually involved with a symbolic statement of ‘there there’, to the many presenting problems of bewildered clients, until such time as a person can see their way clear to move through to a new vision of themselves.

The term ‘hear hear’, is usually an ‘applauding in the moment’ of an agreement to, or an appreciation of, points that someone else is making in a speech, but poetically speaks to me phonetically as ‘here, here’.

So ‘here’, is both in a physical placement as well as hearing a description of a point related to time.

I say that ‘here’ is related to time because ‘there’, is more the word that actualises time – so we can say both ‘there was a time, there is a time and there will be a time’, more easily than the word ‘here’ can be moved as a descriptor of time, ‘here’ can be moved but it always keeps its sense of being ‘in’ time not ‘of’ time.

Everything is actually ‘here and there’ both at the same time, but it may take contact with a person who can clearly express this reality, to help more people to see the fact of this matter for themselves. The state that is most injurious to a person or a collective is that state of deliriously imagining that it’s all ‘neither here nor there’ and that therefore change is not possible.

I am both a Therapist and a Herapist.

Diction Resolution Therapy (DRT) is my mode of working to help people to get there, whilst my work as a Spiritual Healer, I’m a student member of The Healing Trust (NFSH), is my way of helping people to arrive here .