Higher Emotional Centre

Mother Nature provides Mankind with a physical centre of gravity. This centre allows a person to lose and regain balance seamlessly in the process of walking, running, moving in any way with the vehicle of an organic body.

The psyche sits upon this physical vehicle astride universal instincts that can simply be described as security, social and sex instincts. Feelings are pressurised by the instincts and are measurable by a person with a specific emotional guage that is attached to their con-science.

Thus in a physical body, blood pressure and feeling pressure work sympathetically, with these pressures being interpreted with a process of emotional and intellectual reaction that is then acted upon by intelligence choosing a pattern to employ behaviours.

Where this process is weakened through abusive experiences, illness or ignorance, then feeling pressure ruptures into actions that are not processed as part of a higher emotional centre becoming formed. The con-science becomes compromised and ordinary emotional processes become stilted whereupon all possibilities of a Higher Centre are temporarily cutoff.

The yin-yang template of journeying into vice and then returning to virtue cushions these collapses of conscience as simply the necessary mirroring of the physical falling down and standing up of centre of gravity formation, by the inner body of experience that is the person anyway.

In itself then, emotionally failing to process feelings can be likened to falling down. The problems start to become dangerous if the immediate line-management of a person misreads any idiosyncratic behaviours as too scary to carry on with and then proceeds to let the inner Customs and Excise department close down the inner borders of left/right hemisphere travel. The standing back up again, stops.

Then the development of a Higher Emotional Centre atrophies. The purpose of life withers and dies as the inner balance fails to develop. A personal expression then tries to hide this failure through exaggerations or fixations of expression that eventually become incapable of meaningfully integrating the journey of life: a journey designed to be connected via the necessary terminal opposites of birth and death as they pertain to both physical and metaphysical experiences.

It may be possible to resurrect the purpose of being here on Earth, as being one of co-creating this Higher Emotional Centre, for a person who has died to this purpose, but it may only happen when what has passed as life for such a person collapses around them by accident, by the disease of stuck-addiction©️ or by the loss of their props through the existential removal by Life event of the people, places or things that have co-dependently enabled them to appear alive whilst actually dead, in the first place.

As societal forces atomise old cultural forms and necessitate new forms to be developed within the current era-change, then many people are experiencing anxiety as their inner habits and their habitations collapse as if in inner earthquakes.

DRT as a therapeutic application is both a preventative to collapse and a reconstruction after collapse for both people and for systems as their hosting culture radically and irrevocabley changes.

Here and There …. Hear, hear.

Someone asked me where I’d been, I replied, “oh, you know, here and there.”

As a Counsellor, trained and experienced in ‘models’ of therapy, I am in a professional body of approach to client request for an appointment that often unwittingly sees any possible resolution for a person as being ‘over there’.

This is just as it is, and transitionally it is necessary for many, many people at this time. The 12 Step Programme is itself a vehicle for most that involves a participant in a spiritual awakening to a solution for a problem over their experience of time, even though a founder of the Programme, Bill W. was involved in a spiritual experience out of time, as a solution for his alcohol problem that he then transmitted to others over time.

To be both ‘here and there’, does then take a little practice for most people. The counselling models are more usually involved with a symbolic statement of ‘there there’, to the many presenting problems of bewildered clients, until such time as a person can see their way clear to move through to a new vision of themselves.

The term ‘hear hear’, is usually an ‘applauding in the moment’ of an agreement to, or an appreciation of, points that someone else is making in a speech, but poetically speaks to me phonetically as ‘here, here’.

So ‘here’, is both in a physical placement as well as hearing a description of a point related to time.

I say that ‘here’ is related to time because ‘there’, is more the word that actualises time – so we can say both ‘there was a time, there is a time and there will be a time’, more easily than the word ‘here’ can be moved as a descriptor of time, ‘here’ can be moved but it always keeps its sense of being ‘in’ time not ‘of’ time.

Everything is actually ‘here and there’ both at the same time, but it may take contact with a person who can clearly express this reality, to help more people to see the fact of this matter for themselves. The state that is most injurious to a person or a collective is that state of deliriously imagining that it’s all ‘neither here nor there’ and that therefore change is not possible.

I am both a Therapist and a Herapist.

Diction Resolution Therapy (DRT) is my mode of working to help people to get there, whilst my work as a Spiritual Healer, I’m a student member of The Healing Trust (NFSH), is my way of helping people to arrive here .

Globalised Resentment

From this way of dealing with the press and of attacks by Trump about his birth, Obama fires his barrage against his view of fake news and of Trump.

The power of resentment is apocalyptical in cases where the holders of deep resentments already have access to huge mundane power. Resentment is the tap root of all forms of spiritual illness. Global stuck-addiction© is the bellwether spiritual illness attending the digitally driven era-change.

These two men have spawned the political manifestation in plain sight, of the disease that actually infects the whole planet.
We now have a full resentment based presidency of the global Empire.

Diagnosis of a disease is essential if the energy to heal is to be accessed. The answer to this is no longer political, no longer even a matter of intellectual will, the antidote to a spiritual malady is spiritual.

This has been the reality of the 12 Step phenomenon over the last 80 years, a reality that means that we now have an articulation point that says that we are all living inside an addictive system.

At the head of this addictive system, the drama of this video has played itself out. During the video you will see Trump rocking backwards and forwards ever so slightly as Obama’s words land in his core.
We now all live, materially at least, in Trump’s revenge.

This is not a sustainable place to live.