Addiction is not the problem

That title of ‘Addiction Is Not The Problem’ may seem crazy to you, but it is true. In fact without the ability to healthily addict oneself to a chosen problem solving pathway, with will-power, then no problem ever gets solved at all. The illness that is infecting the executive function of individuals thus filling up the jails, that is infecting the executive function of corporations thus breaking banks, crippling NHS Trusts, destroying blue-chip reputations, that is ultimately infecting even the functioning of the Executive Offices of nations, is in fact the illness that I have called stuck-addiction© and broken-addiction©.


Stuck-addiction & Broken-addiction

The above flow chart is indicative of a healthy problem solving pathway. It shows where a pathway breaks when it is forced, it breaks at the addiction point, at the stuck-addiction© point. This illness is now global, lethal, and ultimately is the cause of the mutually assured destruction that threatens to overwhelm the diplomatic logjams of the whole First World.

“In as much as collectives are mere accumulations of individuals, their problems are also accumulations of individual problems … Such problems are never solved by legislation or tricks. They are only solved by a general change of attitude. And the change does not begin with propaganda and mass meetings, or with violence. It begins with a change in individuals. It will continue as a transformation of their personal likes and dislikes, of their outlook on life and of their values, and only the accumulation of such individual changes will produce a collective solution.” (C. G. Jung, Psychology & Religion (New Haven and London: Yale University Press, 1938) 95.)

What Carl Jung saw 78 years ago is now fully landed in the global culture of Mankind. What this description identifies is the insanity of the partisan political system that keeps promising a central articulation that it says can deliver for the electorates that vote for governance to be enacted upon themselves from within such a system. In fact there is no further legislation, threat of violence be it financial or physical, propaganda or mass movement party that can lead anybody, anywhere, anymore. That is what Jung said. That is what he meant to say. That is what was true then. That is what is true now.

78 years is nothing in the scheme of an Era change. The fact the ruling global financial junta chose to try again to force their agenda upon the masses with their financing of all sides in the Second World War, a choice that lands us all where we are now, means that there are many in the present ruling global junta that think that their old ways are the still the only way for today, despite what Jung has clearly said, despite what even the victors’ written version of history proves.

So we are at a standoff. The only reason that the global ruling junta has not unleashed their recalibration upon the world yet again, is that their scientists have told them of Dark Matter. They have been informed of something massive in the Invisible realm that definitely is there, has to be there, has always been there and is the cause of the appearance and coherence of all the presently understood laws of physical science.

This check on their ruling behaviour may not be conscious, may not be verbalised clearly, but it is articulated to them and as such exposes their lack of any real articulation in the face of the immovability of the loads of problems that are stacking up around their previous spheres of political and financial influence.

Articulation is the key to the future forms of leadership that will evolve out of the recovery processes soon to be embarked upon by the executive functions of Mankind.

An articulated lorry gives the clue.

An articulated lorry is supremely versatile, can pull very heavy loads with great manoeuvrability, can unhitch the power source quickly from one project and hitch it onto another very easily. The tractor units can work together to clear many trailers, but they are autonomous. The trailers can be full of issues that where hitherto the property of only one side of the old political divide, but in the future such divisions will be seen to be secondary to the primary ability of actually having the traction to move the trailers to a required destination.

Quite simply, the Era Change is one of Leadership Change, the way that Leadership is articulated to the led, the way that problems are articulated to the solution mechanisms of Mankind, the way that power is articulated through material forms for The Human as beings.

The present money orientated system is stuck. The system will crash again, even Mervyn King the previous head of The Bank of England says as much in his latest book. Though this crash will be scary, it is the opportunity to recalibrate the relationship of Mankind with Humankind. It is the opportunity that only Iceland took after the crash of 2008.

The Human, being individual leaders, will come to the fore to help with the transformation of the old era into the new era after the crash. The mass partisan system has died, it is already dead. The new system will have to be co-created and manifest as Mankind wakes up to a world that is not dominated by a ‘money first’ fixation.

In old Jewish culture there was the ‘jubilee’ phenomenon. The re-setting of the culture when everything was wiped clean and all gains and losses were returned to the centre and everything started again. There will be a global ‘jubilee’.

The 25 people who presently have as much wealth as half of the world population are in fact very ill that they really think that it is their own ‘stuff forever’. They will need to be treated and rehabilitated as the ‘jubilee’ unfolds. The present global leaders though they know that things can’t keep separating much longer with the global debt mountain growing on one stuck side, whilst the global money mountain keeps on growing on the other stuck side of the 25, even in that knowing however, the leaders don’t dare embark upon a ‘led jubilee’, they can’t envision how that could work.

The illness paradigm is the only cocoon within which the butterflies of our collective Humanity can transform from the ugly caterpillars of our present discontent.

When an apparent adversary is truly seen as ill, along with oneself, then the energy moves into a more reconciling place. Mankind in its systems is mortally ill. When electorates seek leaders to heal them rather than to champion their cause against the other side then matters will start to change. The religious leaders will have the hardest time in giving up their diseased territorial claims upon The One.

The 90% of supporting energy for the Universe that is Dark Matter will take care of the accumulated religious chaos in a way that is more satisfactory than the present well meaning asset strippers. Asset strippers who have ingeniously bought up the bankrupt brand names of the world religions, to then cleverly represent their personal salvage as quasi-prophetic messages under their own branded banners.

The modern day spiritual asset strippers all pay lip service to the Saints and Prophets of yore, but they have little to no deep connection with the governing invisible Source of the Saints and Prophets within their living global religious transcripts, irrespective of how faded these global transcripts might have come to appear.

Yet everything has its place and nothing is wasted in an effort to articulate the vibrations of the Universal Drum skin as it flexes from the beat of the invisible hand to the visible land. Without the hourly invisible beat of the global 12 Step spiritual Fellowships, a beat that actually heals the religious traditions too, this appointment with the long awaited transit to the Age of Aquarius would be utterly impossible to realise. So, the individual effort cannot be placed in an important enough place: it is the new way, the only release from the tyranny of counterfeit rule that has been the mark of so many past centuries, the theme of so many fairy stories.

“In as much as collectives are mere accumulations of individuals, their problems are also accumulations of individual problems … Such problems are never solved by legislation or tricks. They are only solved by a general change of attitude. And the change does not begin with propaganda and mass meetings, or with violence. It begins with a change in individuals. It will continue as a transformation of their personal likes and dislikes, of their outlook on life and of their values, and only the accumulation of such individual changes will produce a collective solution.” (C. G. Jung, Psychology & Religion (New Haven and London: Yale University Press, 1938) 95.)

The most sensitive among us are the most symptom ridden in this global epidemic. The multi-millionaire is just as sick as the destitute murderer who kills for his next drug fix.


There is art in an artery
More than just vanity in our veins
The Names’ opposition is mere flux
Their Union is a pose of juxt.

Behaviour changes from the BE. What is it that is forming your life? I look around the news channels and see fearhaviour, I see moneyhaviour, sexhaviour, there is a repeating warhaviour that entraps the failing money systems.

The single minded application of moneye justifies the financing of all sides in the conflicting appearances of life. Nowhere to be found the discrimination of a modern Solomon’s sword that would repair the despair. So the same capital forces have bankrolled all the sides in all the wars for at least the last two hundred years. Follow the money.

In the land of the blind
The one eyed man is king. (Erasmus)

Do you see how money is moneye? How moneye is mono eye? How the monied are the kings who not just rule over the naturally blind, but kings who must insist on the self-justified blinding of their subjects in order to keep their kingdom intact?

Money is logical.

From the Devil, logic
From God, love (Rumi)

There is a way for individuals and for small groups or cells of individuals to get free from the one eyed hypnosis of the overarching system. There is a gnosis that is the antidote to the doting upon material gain that money induces. There is a treatment for the soul sickness that is rotting the life out of our cultures. There is a cunning way to beat the machinations of the logical necessity without waging war upon the warmonger. The warmonger welcomes outer war, any war, all outer wars are profitable.

The warmonger fears only one war, the inner war, fought in and for the restored heart and soul of an individual, the true Holy War.

“…. we have ceased fighting anything or anyone, even alcohol. For by this time sanity will have returned.” (p84 AA Basic Text)

The fight (jihad) is internalised, on to the only battleground where we have a chance of saving our soul. We fight against the disease of stuck-addiction© turning our back in a retreat from outer attacks with a galvanised inner attack upon our hypnotic trance.




Stuck-addiction© attacks conscience. The epidemiology of addiction is so far behind the facts of the pandemic of stuck-addiction© that a correlation with the denials around the exposure of cholera as a water borne disease rather than a disorder resulting from bad air, is not an exaggeration.

No blame can be attached to individuals or collections of individuals for actions that truly reflect a position of conscience. For conscience describes a collaboration with what is known, with science.

The prefix “con” is from the Latin “cum”, it means “with”. So, conscience is “with science”.

When the prevailing science held the heart felt view that the Earth was flat, then personal conscience could do no better than to operate upon that inner stage.

The problems start not with era change, but with conscience change, when the science changes, when what is known becomes undeniable.

All science arrives experimentally from the unseen, from inspiration and intuition. Logic must serve this fountain of newness, of perpetual fecundity, or else it will cut it off in an attempt to control it.

What the science of the heart through spiritual messengers has informed mankind of through the ages is that within all the changing physical sciences there is a navigational still point in the inner experience of people that enables the individual conscience to cohere: further that there are ways to keep contact with that inner Pole Star that prevents travel sickness.

If conscience loses its vital connection to spiritual principles then it gets overrun by logic and the denial of the unseen realm sets in.

Those folks who become cut off from the unseen still have a conscience therefore, it simply becomes increasingly incoherent.

Because the unseen realm is nine tenths of reality as the particle physicists now inform us is the case around Dark Energy, a collapsed conscience becomes a shrunken enclave in the vast land of its own potential. The walls of these individual and collective enclaves are fortified with the broken words and promises of dysfunctional leadership.

The conspiracy theorists remain so disturbing because they highlight the potential for the psychopathic structures of corporate political lobbying to confuse the knowledge base of whole populations by occluding the inner Pole Star with the logic of commerce, thus directly crippling their science’s very ability to be truly coherent, the vital core upon which a living con-science functions.

The Trade Union block vote has been exposed to be a potentially unhelpful phenomenon in the UK political arena and the establishment of “one man one vote” for the British Labour Party enabled it to enter government in 1997.

The similar, overall tribal political block party system in Western democracy that now whips individuals against their conscience with the threat of career penalty for non conformity to a Party Line is a sickness that is cutting Mankind off from its Source.

No matter how difficult the journey toward full conscience politics might be for the manageability of first world democracies, it is the only bulwark against further meltdown of the global multi-cultural fabric.

Presently, it seems to me that there is nothing happening on the global stage that is not in line with the predictive message contained in this link.