Grenfell Tower

Peace and healing be upon all those directly caught up in the events surrounding the calamity of the accidental fire that has gutted Grenfell Tower in London. Mankind is directly caught up in these events.
The disconnected complicity that is infecting us all as we have witnessed the deliberate cauldronisation of the Middle East by the USA since the events of 2001 in New York, this disconnect is the true horror that faces Mankind.
The unimaginable terror of the conditions facing families and friends in the last minutes of their precious lives as their houses burnt around them, is scorched also into the lives of those who are their witnesses.
That their lives have been sacrificed upon the insane altar of the public sector tendering system is just one component of the imminent Public Enquiry.
Equally pressing for the enquiry into our collective conscience, is the disconnect from the fact that many in the West do not feel connected to the Middle Eastern men, women and children who have been deliberately torched out of their apartments by the ordered explosions delivered to them by official Western coalition policy, rather than by an accidentally exploding fridge as was the cause of the fire in Grenfell Tower.
Both the political machine and the fridge share a common purpose, to preserve health and stop rot. Both politics and fridge have failed in my correlation.
When will the common humanity be extended in demonstration to the psychopathic political and corporate system about the unacceptability of all conditions of governmental breakdown that kill people – thus giving the deaths of these innocent people in Grenfell Tower a global dignity and purpose?
This terrible scar now standing in Kensington is a warning to a mortally ill global Executive and its body, which is all of us as Mankind.
This burnt building in London would not look out of place in Syria. What is out place is that our British horror and outrage has been awoken here at home, and is still largely asleep concerning ordinary people in the Middle East. Those entities that deliberately torch innocent populations for an ultimately financially based profit linked war abroad, do not want any connections to be made by you with this ultimately financially based profit linked accident here at home.
It is time to wake up if we can. There is an illness collapsing the Executive function of the world.
This illness is stuck-addiction©.
“Without help it is too much for us. But there is One who has all power – that One is God. May you find Him now” (©AA 1939)
(Images P95/6 Toward A Solar Civilisation by Omram Mikhaël Aïvanhov)

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There is no wonder that the overall ‘body-cultural’ of Mankind is stressed.The information entering into Its processing of ‘species awareness’ is bewildering.
1. Democratic governance that grew out of often brutal absolute monarchy, that in Britain and America had horrific Civil War as a rite of passage.
2. Brutal and terrible World Wars in the last century for control of oil and gas reserves and for the right of hegemony, that have involved genocide, torture and inhuman acts of mass destruction, as well as of course the ‘jolly hockey sticks’ elements of war that were fought through like gentlemen according to the ‘sanity’ of the Geneva Convention.
3. Steady ongoing warfare through Korea, Aden and the Israeli wars around Palestine, Vietnam, Northern Ireland, The Cold War, the killing fields of Cambodian post Vietnam insanity, the proxy war between Iran and Iraq, the African dictatorships, Afghanistan, the cauldronisation of the Middle East culminating in Syria and Yemen to suit the US led cartel of oil dependent culture, the Twin Towers debacle and the War on Terror that covertly vilifies Islam, the global banking crash, the political war against Europe by either the US or Russia, or both, that brought about Brexit.In all of the confusion and deliberate misinformation that Nation States have felt it their legitimate right and duty to engage in on their piratical foundation of Official Secrets, the collective conscience of Mankind is now broken, the collective intuition and Human potential is critically impaired.This illness that I have named stuck-addiction© is an attempt to arrest the overwhelm that is collapsing the decision making function of the leading brands and parties in Mankind’s corporate and political structures.Only an illness appreciation can offer the space to dare to reassess past events that have brought us all to our present logjam.
This illness is a spiritual malady with a spiritual solution.Forgiveness and healing that in principle was enacted after Apartheid was removed in South Africa in the Truth and Reconciliation process, will have to be rolled out globally by the UN.The disaster facing Mankind is unavoidable, but the scale of the disaster is manageable when an articulation point is acquired and globally secured.Edited 18/12/18.

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Globalised Resentment

From this way of dealing with the press and of attacks by Trump about his birth, Obama fires his barrage against his view of fake news and of Trump.

The power of resentment is apocalyptical in cases where the holders of deep resentments already have access to huge mundane power. Resentment is the tap root of all forms of spiritual illness. Global stuck-addiction© is the bellwether spiritual illness attending the digitally driven era-change.

These two men have spawned the political manifestation in plain sight, of the disease that actually infects the whole planet.
We now have a full resentment based presidency of the global Empire.

Diagnosis of a disease is essential if the energy to heal is to be accessed. The answer to this is no longer political, no longer even a matter of intellectual will, the antidote to a spiritual malady is spiritual.

This has been the reality of the 12 Step phenomenon over the last 80 years, a reality that means that we now have an articulation point that says that we are all living inside an addictive system.

At the head of this addictive system, the drama of this video has played itself out. During the video you will see Trump rocking backwards and forwards ever so slightly as Obama’s words land in his core.
We now all live, materially at least, in Trump’s revenge.

This is not a sustainable place to live.

The Last Ammo Box

In the UK pre-Thatcher, the Unions became corrupted and in their overpolticisation opened the portal to Thatcher.
Who opened the portal to Trump?
The entities he most rails against, the media, closely followed by other “so-called” leadership functions, political and judicial.
Trump is here now, he may be impeached, he may not. The conglomeration of power that inevitably now coalesces around him will be more than he can control, it will control him.
The challenges facing Mankind are not physical or mental, the challenge is primarily spiritual. The leadership required is a spiritual leadership.
Political ambition needs ammunition.
Today, the ammunition boxes of the leaders of the crumbling dynasty are empty.
Uni = One
Bi = Two
Am(m)-uni-tion has been stolen to feed the am-bi-tion of notable “Viziers from the Alladin Story” for centuries of recorded history.
In World War Two, Hitler stole the paraphernalia of Nietsche, Sanskrit swastikas, the Spear of Destiny etc as occult ammunition. Marx was stolen, is still being stolen and adulterated into a power mad impossibility of dynastic governance.
Ambitious capitalists scrabble around the Keynsian, the John Stuart Millsian, the tattered Judeo-Christian theological justifications and ultimately the frankenstein Masonic global movement of fraternal initiations into secret knowledge – to justify the unjustifiable worship of Their Golden Calf.
The ambitions of divide and rule are today desperate for the spiritual vision to power their machinations.
Their magazines are empty.
In the recent presidential election in the Empire of this era, there were no spiritual voices, no poetry at the bombastically inept inauguration.
I am God’s dry powder, the last ammo box.
(amo, amas, amat, amamus, amatis, amant)

Anonymity gives way to Unanimity

Where there has been a breakdown in the participation of cultural Unanimity in the past, then the protection of Anonymity has been a practical spiritual protection for a person navigating through a 12 Step Programme back to normal living within a supposedly healthy society.

When a whole culture is succumbing to a disease hitherto thought of as being ever only an individual malady, then Anonymity becomes part of the problem that then unwittingly stops the only solution to a cultural pandemic from being transmitted to that host culture.

This globalism of communication called the Information Super Highway either becomes more reflective of The Broad Highway of The Spirit mentioned by Bill Wilson in the writing of the text of Alcoholics Anonymous, or the promise of the New Era dies like a lonely drunk on skid row.

The political leaders that dare to look at themselves clearly know that they need their people to engage with them to combat the enmity that is threatening to destroy Mankind.

The logic of the system that is ruled by the accountants’ balance sheet and the fear that past monetary consequence will return to overtake the efforts to craft a new system of Human Exchange is paralysing the conscience of the few leaders that can and must now step up to meet the real need of this time.

We the people must help these few leaders with our messages.

The leaders are trapped between the bully boy financiers that have usurped the global money supply now for two centuries and the bully boys waiting in the ranks of the public to run amok and loot and pillage and rule our streets with violence and intimidation.

The leaders are trapped in stuck-addiction©, isolated from the silent majority that is the only hope of healing the fevers of animosity that now are disabling our lives.

We the people must message the leaders that we are ready to help them to rearrange their leadership function when they are ready to dare to tell us that they can no longer lead without us, and that the old ways must go, that there is a sickness that is killing us all.

We the people must be ready to wake up to our responsibilities of needing to be led by capable leaders if we wish to harmonise with the blueprint of our material experience, for within those awakened responsibilities we will help a Human leadership return to a healthy submission to Utility and an escape from the present futility of Man.

Start by understanding the true nature of animosity.

Let your inner world become a true unanimity and then transmit it.


There is art in an artery
More than just vanity in our veins
The Names’ opposition is mere flux
Their Union is a pose of juxt.

Behaviour changes from the BE. What is it that is forming your life? I look around the news channels and see fearhaviour, I see moneyhaviour, sexhaviour, there is a repeating warhaviour that entraps the failing money systems.

The single minded application of moneye justifies the financing of all sides in the conflicting appearances of life. Nowhere to be found the discrimination of a modern Solomon’s sword that would repair the despair. So the same capital forces have bankrolled all the sides in all the wars for at least the last two hundred years. Follow the money.

In the land of the blind
The one eyed man is king. (Erasmus)

Do you see how money is moneye? How moneye is mono eye? How the monied are the kings who not just rule over the naturally blind, but kings who must insist on the self-justified blinding of their subjects in order to keep their kingdom intact?

Money is logical.

From the Devil, logic
From God, love (Rumi)

There is a way for individuals and for small groups or cells of individuals to get free from the one eyed hypnosis of the overarching system. There is a gnosis that is the antidote to the doting upon material gain that money induces. There is a treatment for the soul sickness that is rotting the life out of our cultures. There is a cunning way to beat the machinations of the logical necessity without waging war upon the warmonger. The warmonger welcomes outer war, any war, all outer wars are profitable.

The warmonger fears only one war, the inner war, fought in and for the restored heart and soul of an individual, the true Holy War.

“…. we have ceased fighting anything or anyone, even alcohol. For by this time sanity will have returned.” (p84 AA Basic Text)

The fight (jihad) is internalised, on to the only battleground where we have a chance of saving our soul. We fight against the disease of stuck-addiction© turning our back in a retreat from outer attacks with a galvanised inner attack upon our hypnotic trance.