The Latin words “inter” meaning “between” and “currere” meaning “run” blend together to give us the word “intercourse”.

The sexual hijacking of this word began in 1788 when the habits of Mary Queen of Scots were immortalised in a biography. Today, most people associate intercourse to mean sexual intercourse.

However the word intercourse is a vitally important word to help people in a recovery from the disease of stuck and broken addiction.

Because the whole of Mankind is now powerlessly broken apart indisputably in a way that hitherto has been “managed” by ridiculously small forces, there is a crack in the prison wall. There is a way to see the course of events more clearly, to see the overall picture with a clearer resolution, to inter-act then more bravely, more creatively.

These small numbers of people that have historically hidden their real powerlessness over actually being able to control the huge numbers of people that they have ruled over, except by scaring the people subjugated to them with the loss of physical liberty or with wars, torture and death, these small numbers of people are exposed currently to be both powerless and unable to manage their political constitutions effectively.

Intercourse involves a toing and froing, a certain wrestling within a container of mutual respect amongst participants or even inner thoughts, that have oppositional positions and/or identities. In Mankind’s physical sexual intercourse, love is the container par-excellence and legal consent is the final arbiter to the sanctity of the act of physical intercourse, without which there is ultimately only the calamitous descent into rape.

In Mankind’s social intercourses, both public and private, truly manners maketh Man, a way of guaranteeing that consent is implicit in the inevitable toing and froing that happens between people privately and publicly. When manners become ill, then this illness opens the way to the rapacious interactions that then erupt between people in their intimate relationships and between systems in their political and financial relationships.

When social and political intercourse turns rapacious, though it seems easier to deny and hide than its physical relation, it’s actual effect is massively more destructive.

I have worked with people to try to help them to heal themselves from the trauma arising from physical abuse. I have heard that the words screamed at them during the physical attack stayed with them in a far more destructive way long after their body’s bruises had faded.

So with the verbal engagements of the participants and recipients within social and political intercourses, these bodies of proposition, argument and potential resolution can only safely wrestle together where there is openness, respect, humour, a willingness to be altered by the appearance of the new birthing of ideas rather than the maniacal defence of old entrenched positions.

Where ill-will, lies, hidden agendas and fear abound, whether in private lives or in public and systemic lives, when love disappears and the bottom line deliberately destroys its own top line, then all hell eventually breaks loose.

Hell simply means separation. When the bottom line is severed from its own top line.

Spiritual intercourse is the ultimate toing and froing that a mere handful of Human beings have been evidenced as having remained on Earth to share their result of actually having achieved a successful consummation of that particular deific Union.

Jacob and Esau (1878) by George Frederick Watts

This being said, even though the possibility of the sanctity of spiritual intercourse is often denied by those insisting upon the supremacy of their particular academic definition of intercourse, the previous progeny of such a spiritual Union rule the actual eras of Mankind’s experience past and present.

So today, as ill-will abounds amongst the global political class, as collapse continues to reverberate across the global financial class, as disease threatens to collapse the academic class, the contraceptive blocks that reduce global political debate to so much entrenched partisan masturbation have to be removed.

These blocks are being potentially removed by the very urgency of the environmental challenges erupting on Earth, the urgency of the political collapses that have so nearly repeated Mankind’s near history of World War, the urgency of the collapse of the Ponzi Scheme that was analogue money.

However, even if the contraceptions are to be removed from Mankind’s social, financial and political intercourses, just how the new wedding of these arrangements are to turn out so that truly new conceptions can be born into existence from the these new conjoinings will be wholly in the hands and hearts of those leaders who can hear this Spiritual diagnosis of their present condition.

BBC News – Attenborough gives stark warning on climate change to UN

The invitation to this diagnosis is clear. If you are not clear, ask, for a definition of intercourse with all and any of the facts of life is not enough, contact has to happen!

Einstein is purported to have said,

“Everything should be as simple as it can be, but not simpler”.
“If you can’t explain it to a six year old, you don’t understand it yourself”.

These two quotes attributed to Einstein if true, speak to the need perhaps, of practice to make difficult matters appear simple – then to practicing communication once having reached a certain level of actual experiential attainment, of being, in that which is to be communicated.

I have conscious contact with God, as I understand God, this fact granted to me in the wording of Step 11 of a 12 Step Programme, a Programme I have practiced since 1995, a practice that actually builds upon a ‘tifl al-maani’ personal experience from 1982.

I can communicate simply now about consciousness, should I choose to answer anyone who might care to ask me a question, especially if the question were to be asked from the guileless place that a six year old can be found in 😉🕯️

Matthew 18:3 says

International Standard Version
Then he said, “I tell all of you with certainty, unless you change and become like little children, you will never get into the kingdom from heaven.

The biblical reference points toward a change of heart, away from the contempt prior to investigation which is mentioned in the book Alcoholics Anonymous as the ultimate bar to progress.

Toward a change of heart where a creative imagination serves Consciousness in our consciences, when minds work to digest life experiences with the peristaltic necessity of joined opposites as depression and expansion are repaired then, without the need of antidepressants.

Then E = mc² can be seen through the eyes of Love.


Quantitive Diseasing

The house of cards that is International money hangs together in the smoke and mirrors of Central Bank QE electronic money.
It may be electronic, but it all has to be paid back to the lender, or the buyer of the bonds.
So, it is the same battle that has been going on since Central Banking started its financing of governmental wars many decades ago.
The battle seems to be between between wealth and sovereignty, but it is actually about the simple tripartite template of existential reality.
Physical, mental and spiritual – and the power is always spiritual.
Then it’s simply about woo woo land versus practical power and power’s rituals and symbols – the lion and the unicorn versus the banks and whose got the biggest office block and where it is built.
Invisible power, is it actually there in the Aladdin template scenario of the Masons, or is it all David Blane trickery and the gullibility if mass audiences?
A quick scan of my eccentric blogs and shows a contemporary wrestle with enlightenment and its struggle to function practically.
It’s easy to give up with both personal behaviour change and with the thought of mankind’s culture change. The changed man, a term applied to the Sufi, works on every available front to bear witness to the connectivity of everything and what precisely that means for individuals and their inevitable collective structures.
I have been hammering on for years now about a disease model correlation between individual and collective disordering. A disease in the individual that when once present, never gets better without an intervention.
If my writing over the past years is accurate, then all the executive efforts corporately and politically are to varying degrees diseased and now part of the problem not the solution.
This means that, if my diagnosis is correct, the real line that can be followed post 2008/9 across the leadership of the world’s institutions is a line of a steady deterioration of conscience, a kind of collective dementia that lurches from event to event upon the breaking of words, the twisting of policy with the pretence of control and ethical reference. The unravelling of social and security provision within the body of the undertakings that the diseased executive functions increasingly collapse within, the breakdown of reputation of previously celebrated brands and personalities.
If my view is correct, it can be seen that every policy change since 2008/9 has made matters worse, increased debt and sovereign reliance upon Central Banks, diminished national security and collective wellbeing and that every effort will carry on making things worse.
I, along with incredulous detractors, hope that it is my view that is deranged rather than a derangement of the national and international leadership.
The test of the latest debacle of weasel word political nonsense in the UK, where PM May plays games with the constitution of the national body like a junkie who mixes more and more legal highs of an unknown substance, whilst accusing opponents of playing games, the test will be whether or not she is actually connected to her words.
Her predecessor was not connected to his words and went. The language in a disease diagnosis, is shown to be increasingly inarticulate, dysfunctional and confusing.
The run up to this UK General Election when seen as a deepening illness indicator, might at least then become more bearable …. but we are a long way from the politics of their favourite word, a word I know well as a spiritual counsellor expert in the treatment of stuck-addiction©, that word is “recovery”.