So what is wrong with a New World Order? It seems so logical. Surely if there is anything to the conspiracy theories, even just a glimmer of fact, then it is understandable to try to move mankind away from war and disease? Even if the only way to achieve this end is with war after war after war?

Lucifer, a light, is a light of logic. As Rumi said, ‘from Iblis there comes logic, from God there comes love’. So truth is light upon light. Without this service of light to light, then anything can be justified to rid the world of perceived error in behaviour, error in religion, errors of birth etc etc etc.

To use money as the arbiter of power with blackmail to keep politicians in line is not the way of sustainable service to an ideal for Mankind, no matter how apparently lofty the ideal to ultimately relieve suffering might be.

This world is a passing place, a bridge. To try to build a World Order upon a place that is perfectly designed in the first place simply criticises the initial Designer and misses the point of the place as a ground for cultivating experience, development and permanence for the soul.

If there is any credence to be placed upon the many seemingly whacky conspiracy theories, then they all point out that the innocence of the masses is used as a shame barrier that can keep the puppet leaders in place under a threat of exposure of said leaders’ often shameful personal behaviour.

Our innocence then, our very ignorance is the real power that is wielded by the supposed New World Orderers. It is this innocence that is the currency of Love. It is Love that will outwit any attempt to make this world dance to pure logic. This world is made from pure Love, pure Truth and Water.

Eventually, everyone sees for themselves the truth of their life, either here, or there. It is better, so I’m led to believe, to try to see things clearly here. This is best done by following the words of a Master who set the calendar for the New Year that you’ve just celebrated.

“Pay unto Caesar that which is due to Caesar, pay unto God that which is due to God”.

If you have any doubt where the modern Caesar might be, simply follow the Eagle to know how to make your due payment. To pay God, the only current living deposit account is to be found in the 12 Step Programme.