The Walker on the Waters Part I

Sobering up from hallucination ….

Sarmoung's Blog

“The Walker on the Waters have always existed, and their deeds are handed down from ear to ear throughout the history of mankind. They are not a sect, a group or an esoteric school, even if many of them have belonged or were in contact with one. They have always existed on this plane; you can find some footprints of their passing in all Ages of human history. Some of them are remembered as great individuals, and their actions which changed situations and people are claimed even today, but most of them have passed silently, voluntarily unnoticed behind the curtains of  known history. Today these people act in the same way.”

These words, spoken by F., was the answer to my question about to which degree is it possible to control emotions. This answer reminded me of the act of Jesus walking on the Galilee Sea.

Our relationship was begun…

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