Grenfell Tower

Peace and healing be upon all those directly caught up in the events surrounding the calamity of the accidental fire that has gutted Grenfell Tower in London. Mankind is directly caught up in these events.
The disconnected complicity that is infecting us all as we have witnessed the deliberate cauldronisation of the Middle East by the USA since the events of 2001 in New York, this disconnect is the true horror that faces Mankind.
The unimaginable terror of the conditions facing families and friends in the last minutes of their precious lives as their houses burnt around them, is scorched also into the lives of those who are their witnesses.
That their lives have been sacrificed upon the insane altar of the public sector tendering system is just one component of the imminent Public Enquiry.
Equally pressing for the enquiry into our collective conscience, is the disconnect from the fact that many in the West do not feel connected to the Middle Eastern men, women and children who have been deliberately torched out of their apartments by the ordered explosions delivered to them by official Western coalition policy, rather than by an accidentally exploding fridge as was the cause of the fire in Grenfell Tower.
Both the political machine and the fridge share a common purpose, to preserve health and stop rot. Both politics and fridge have failed in my correlation.
When will the common humanity be extended in demonstration to the psychopathic political and corporate system about the unacceptability of all conditions of governmental breakdown that kill people – thus giving the deaths of these innocent people in Grenfell Tower a global dignity and purpose?
This terrible scar now standing in Kensington is a warning to a mortally ill global Executive and its body, which is all of us as Mankind.
This burnt building in London would not look out of place in Syria. What is out place is that our British horror and outrage has been awoken here at home, and is still largely asleep concerning ordinary people in the Middle East. Those entities that deliberately torch innocent populations for an ultimately financially based profit linked war abroad, do not want any connections to be made by you with this ultimately financially based profit linked accident here at home.
It is time to wake up if we can. There is an illness collapsing the Executive function of the world.
This illness is stuck-addiction©.
“Without help it is too much for us. But there is One who has all power – that One is God. May you find Him now” (©AA 1939)
(Images P95/6 Toward A Solar Civilisation by Omram Mikhaël Aïvanhov)

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