The Bottom Line About The Top Line

What on earth have I been hammering on about stuck-addiction©️ for for these last five years?

It is to have tried to correlate a person’s spiritual illness that is known as addiction, with a system’s spiritual illness that is exhibiting exactly the same descriptor of disease, namely the collapse of Executive function. I have arrived at the term stuck-addiction©️ to describe this now global correlation.

In this exploration of correlation, I have been able to test out my connections, definitions and insights with scores and scores of passengers in my taxi. I have had conversations with Academics, Professors, Deans, Medical Consultants, Doctors, Nurses, Bankers, Prison Officers, Corporate Executives, Radio Journalists, MPs, Lords, Solicitors, Monsignors, Vicars, Factory Floor Workers, Cleaners, Drug Addicts, Prostitutes, Unemployed People, Terminally Ill People, Criminals, Ex-criminals, Addicts, Recovered Addicts, Accountants, Auditors, Company Directors, CEOs, Farmers, Musicians, Police Chiefs, Students – to name the few specific conversations that immediately come to mind as I write this.

With the exception of one international Executive working in an international company involved with drug treatment programmes, who displayed an angry and biased reaction to stuck-addiction©️ mainly because their work involved talking to governmental agencies about why 12 Step Programmes didn’t work and how their drugs did, I have received unanimous and enthusiastic endorsements for my diagnosis of an illness at the heart of the present global Epoch-change.

This illness in an individual is a spiritual illness, it is an illness that is all about a bottom-line driven collapse of conscience. This illness in a systemic-leadership is a spiritual illness, it is an illness that is all about a bottom-line driven collapse of ethics.

In both situations, there is no physical or intellectual solution for what is a spiritual illness. A spiritual illness requires a spiritual solution, a reconnection of a top-line to the beleaguered bottom-line.

How is this top-line reconnection to happen?

It cannot begin to happen until the first two steps are taken within an understanding of what stuck-addiction©️ actually is.

Einstein is purported to have said 2 things pertinent to current events. 1 If you keep doing the same thing expecting different results, that’s insanity. 2 The mindset that creates the problem cannot solve the problem. These 2 definitions are simply descriptive of stuck-addiction©️

In the confessional privacy of my taxi, the admissions of information given freely to me that corroborate my message are clear. Yet there is nothing that the systemic bodies can do about stuck-addiction©️ until the leaders accept their plight with each other across their usually exclusive adversarial boundaries of competition, industrial espionage, corporate hubris and partisan politics.

I am the paradox that is knocking on the locked door of a collapsing orthodoxy, the outsider with a simple message of recalibration from a Higher Power.

Unfortunately, the orthodox despises the paradox as history shows over and over again whether in the resistance to the messages of Galileo, the string of Western Prophets, The Buddha, John Snow at the pump in London at the beginning of this industrial era – and on and on with varying degrees of denial depending upon the scale of the change.

I am not liked as a messenger by the counselling orthodoxy, by the medical orthodoxy, by the political orthodoxy, by the religious orthodoxy – to name but a few for a place to start.

Though I have knocked on the door of the local CCG in the NHS, my evidence based message of the organisational illness within the very NHS itself, that the Junior Doctors went on strike about recently, namely the managerial disconnect and political denials that attend these disconnections, this knocking is ignored and my message denied. My evidence based message that Addiction is a primary disease is also denied.

I am adept at helping individuals and organisations arrive at a reconnected top-line dynamic to salvage their bottom-line fixated insanity – if I can enter the inner sanctums of dysfunction wherein is the only hope of the securing of a change in direction.

Grenfell Tower

Peace and healing be upon all those directly caught up in the events surrounding the calamity of the accidental fire that has gutted Grenfell Tower in London. Mankind is directly caught up in these events.
The disconnected complicity that is infecting us all as we have witnessed the deliberate cauldronisation of the Middle East by the USA since the events of 2001 in New York, this disconnect is the true horror that faces Mankind.
The unimaginable terror of the conditions facing families and friends in the last minutes of their precious lives as their houses burnt around them, is scorched also into the lives of those who are their witnesses.
That their lives have been sacrificed upon the insane altar of the public sector tendering system is just one component of the imminent Public Enquiry.
Equally pressing for the enquiry into our collective conscience, is the disconnect from the fact that many in the West do not feel connected to the Middle Eastern men, women and children who have been deliberately torched out of their apartments by the ordered explosions delivered to them by official Western coalition policy, rather than by an accidentally exploding fridge as was the cause of the fire in Grenfell Tower.
Both the political machine and the fridge share a common purpose, to preserve health and stop rot. Both politics and fridge have failed in my correlation.
When will the common humanity be extended in demonstration to the psychopathic political and corporate system about the unacceptability of all conditions of governmental breakdown that kill people – thus giving the deaths of these innocent people in Grenfell Tower a global dignity and purpose?
This terrible scar now standing in Kensington is a warning to a mortally ill global Executive and its body, which is all of us as Mankind.
This burnt building in London would not look out of place in Syria. What is out place is that our British horror and outrage has been awoken here at home, and is still largely asleep concerning ordinary people in the Middle East. Those entities that deliberately torch innocent populations for an ultimately financially based profit linked war abroad, do not want any connections to be made by you with this ultimately financially based profit linked accident here at home.
It is time to wake up if we can. There is an illness collapsing the Executive function of the world.
This illness is stuck-addiction©.
“Without help it is too much for us. But there is One who has all power – that One is God. May you find Him now” (©AA 1939)
(Images P95/6 Toward A Solar Civilisation by Omram Mikhaël Aïvanhov)

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Stuck-addiction© real feedback.

Recently, a man got into my cab.

“Where are you going?” says I.

“I’m going to my leaving do actually, after 20 years I’m moving on”, says he.

I asked him why and he said it was just time, career advancement, time for a new challenge. He seemed positive and in control of a simple open and free choice process.

We move down the road and as we sped into the city, the talk moved to me and my service at DRT. I talked of the connections that I make between individual meltdown of executive function as a way to describe criminalised addiction and the often criminal actions of the executive function of banks, Volkswagen, Tesco as well as the management of the NHS not connecting with front line staff.

I talked specifically of my page to help him understand my correlations.
He looked at the page on his phone, then a very clear thing happened.

He swore, then said, “that’s exactly why I’m leaving my company, exactly. They’ve parachuted in an American leadership that insists on doing things their way, from an arm of the conglomerate that’s not really doing well and we’ve all got to do it one way, their way …. after 20 years, I’m outta there.”

I said that many, many people over the years had identified with my diagnosis. I said that it was impossible to reach into the executive function of an individual until a crash happens. So, if there is an acceptance of my view, then the chances of my message reaching the top executive function where the only chance of direction change resides, were almost nil until a crash happens.

He swore again, “that’s exactly what my colleagues have been saying for weeks, that only a crash will change the disastrous direction of the board.”

My approach has been peer evaluated over and over again this past few years.

The words I use are not hysterical, they are actually more measured than some used by bankers, executives, academics, doctors, nurses and students to describe their actual experience of working in the NHS, in the University and in corporate international businesses.

Globalised Resentment

From this way of dealing with the press and of attacks by Trump about his birth, Obama fires his barrage against his view of fake news and of Trump.

The power of resentment is apocalyptical in cases where the holders of deep resentments already have access to huge mundane power. Resentment is the tap root of all forms of spiritual illness. Global stuck-addiction© is the bellwether spiritual illness attending the digitally driven era-change.

These two men have spawned the political manifestation in plain sight, of the disease that actually infects the whole planet.
We now have a full resentment based presidency of the global Empire.

Diagnosis of a disease is essential if the energy to heal is to be accessed. The answer to this is no longer political, no longer even a matter of intellectual will, the antidote to a spiritual malady is spiritual.

This has been the reality of the 12 Step phenomenon over the last 80 years, a reality that means that we now have an articulation point that says that we are all living inside an addictive system.

At the head of this addictive system, the drama of this video has played itself out. During the video you will see Trump rocking backwards and forwards ever so slightly as Obama’s words land in his core.
We now all live, materially at least, in Trump’s revenge.

This is not a sustainable place to live.



You may think that all is ruined
In fact everything is in exactly the perfect place.

Where were you during the Black Death
The Hundred Years War
The sacking of Baghdad by the Mongol hordes
The fall of all previous eras as mentioned in
The mine Qur’an?
We forget ourselves
We get lost in worry
This amazing new time
This amazing good fortune to be here.
What stops the boredom of the news?
What starts the excitement of your heart?

Is it that you’re sick of eating as you watch
the fat diabetes epidemic
sick of sex as you watch
the celebrity scandals sordid epic
sick of politics as you watch
their inept news repeating flick
sick of police, NHS, media, banks, 
making 1% big business tick
sick of criminals poisoning sex, food and security,
nick nick …. nick nick
Your own constitution sickened as
their Articles of Constitution fail …. to trick?

Sick of being sick?

This sickness is in exactly the right place.

When you know you’re sick you will seek a curing
When you accept that you’re ill
You’ll stop blaming yourself and others
When you hear of some other others telling of recovery
From the Stygian mountains of terror and fear
You might just be ill enough …. to hear.

Listen, listen to your need
As it sings it’s song of loss of greed
Of waking up to hope and luck
A cleaning of Augean muck ….
Listen ….

Near …. so very near.

Then act your act to a different writer
Strut your stuff to a different tune
Reach for the route to a Love reunion,
Quick, your personal path is waiting;
Before the curtain fall of rote
Audiences just another wasted Tope.