Love – personal asides

I remember a story that was written about Christ asking God for some physical manifestation that might signify the power of the Love of God.
God, in the story, makes it clear that really Christ didn’t need to ask for that kind of physical phenomenon to appear, that even He should be careful.
Christ seemingly persists, whereupon there is a huge explosion and a huge crater is left in the ground.
Whatever the provenance of the story, I mention it here to put Love into context.
Some years ago when I was training to be a counsellor, my wife joked as I left the house to travel to London, that I should be careful of the females in the group. I protested my freedom from entangled thinking, but she said seriously, “you can’t choose who you fall in love with.”
As a man who has wrestled with the spiritual fact that The One and The Many are united by Love, I am a case history that reflects many of the futile attempts of Mankind to control Love, but whereas many still pretend to be in charge of their relationship with Love, I simply live in submission to this Highest Power.
Thankfully because Mercy and Compassion predominate as promised, then my many mistakes and misunderstandings around Love have been and are being resolved.
For people who approach God, as Love, then the animal interfaces of universal instincts are always placed into difficulty and history is full of cult disaster stories.
For those who merely seek power over others, then their animal instincts are similarly challenged, but if without a sense of serving Love then fetish is introduced to try to buffer the power of life as the thinking function attempts to control its machinations.
Rituals of politics and of religion, of academia and medicine, all with their separate languages and costumes arrive in a culture that is trying to control the lives of those within it.
Powerful people have often had chaotic private lives as the exercising of influence over other people has been seen to have amplified their instinctive appetites causing great misuse of sexual energy.
I approach Love as a poet, yearning for inspiration and in that yearning there are great unknowns and much unpredictability.
My Muse sometimes can take form seemingly and She takes my breath away. It is no longer an age to be granted wives as were granted to my spiritual heroes.
So, in any difficulty, as long as my love remains unrequited, honesty in expressing feelings can both keep me free from hypocrisy in my disclosures and my poetry, as well as Love can keep making a fool of me as I fight to stay true to myself and to maintaining my monogamy.
Worlds, eras and epochs however, are defined by requited Love, for that is the primal Cause.

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