Scarab musings

I can’t create a shit rolling dung beetle
Ex nihilo
So, what right have I got to criticise
God’s loneliness
The intensity and immensity of His aloneness
To create this Universe of otherness
Of Motherness and Brotherness
Of Fartherness and Insisterness
To say to David,
“Oh David, My yearning for them
Is greater than their yearning for Me.”
This lonliness is the ‘why’, to all the hurt,
For, whose hurt is it?
Who bears all the ignorant action
That threatens to destroy the Earth
For power’s sake?
I heard the challenge of who yearns the most,
If there is any explanation for my life
To those who scratch their heads in disbelief,
It is that I said to God’s ‘yearning’ claim,
“Really …. ok, we’ll see about that then!”
And I set about beating God at His/Her own game.
Impossible of course,
For His/Her yearning makes the Universe.
But the numbers that numb yearning
For the One,
Whether numbers of pounds Sterling
Or US dollars,
Or numbers of houses
Or conquests
Or qualifications
Or clever answers,
These numbers never numbed the pain
Never made their claim upon me
Strongly enough
To dissuade me from my path of calamity.
Eventually, (S)He relented,
Granting me refuge,
As you might spare an ant on the path.
Yet, sometimes I give God a belly laugh,
I’m not saying I’m anything special.
I’m simply saying that whatever you
Think about this Tale of Two Cities,
This ‘best of times and worst of times’ time ,
I’m simply saying that there is
“More to it”.
That it’s worth the yearning,
That though my yearning that your yearning
To match God’s yearning, might be greater than your present yearning,
That it’s possible to start
Right here, with abandon.
“Abandon yourself to God, as you understand God,” (© AA)
But know this,
People only abandon ship
When they actually believe that it’s sinking.

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