Everything is perfectly placed

What if everything is actually alright? What if within the inter-linked worlds of all of the myriad ways of experiencing life as Mankind, that there is only actually validity for all views.

What my experience tells me is that this Earth may be many things, but it is not accidental. Life may seem to contain accidents, but Life itself is not an accident.

Masses of people can become trapped in tribal positions, religiously following rules, dogma and the liturgies of behavioural compliance that enable small numbers of people to control large numbers of people. This phenomenon grew out of the known Empires before Christ, is seen in the Roman Empire, adopted efficiently by the Papal States, and all modern political parties in so-called modern democracies are religions in so far as their power signatures resemble those power methodologies of their forebears.

There is only One phenomenon actually appearing on Earth, that’s Life itself. Conditions in the First World are simply amazing on the material plane for the majority of people. Clean water, enough food, medical provision, travel possibilities, communication on a global scale.

So what is actually happening?

Epoch change is happening.

It is clear that no holy-man can appear to sway the politics of power that has carved this Earth up over the last two hundred years, a carving that now arrives at the events of the 24/7 news broadcasts that upset the digestions of so many today.

The physical reputations of the people recorded in Mankind’s story can be seen to have had an effect on their localities with a limit measured in miles and decades, with effects that created movements.

The intellectual reputations of the people recorded in Mankind’s story can be seen to have had an effect on their localities and upon many other localities with a limit immeasurable in miles, with effects that have lasted for centuries and created eras.

The Spiritual reputations of a very few people recorded in Mankind’s story can be seen to have had an effect on every location, upon all people’s awareness, with effects that have lasted for thousands of years and created epochs.

Mankind now moves out of an epoch described as the Age of Pisces, into a new epoch described as the Age of Aquarius.

Jesus Christ ushered in the epoch that has taken on His measurement of Anno Domini to record its passage of time. Muhammad (pbuh) appeared in the essentially Western time frame to enable its continuance and relationship with Judaism and to prepare for its transformation into the epoch of Aquarius at the due time.

What is needed now then is the Spiritual vision to help the epoch to change.

Where is the Spiritual vision of the time, a vision that can help the leaders of the nations to come together with a chance of birthing Humankind out of Mankind?

This vision, this paradoxical challenge to a failing orthodoxy is cohering, but it needs a catalyst to bring its alchemy into a practical momentum.

It is to this catalytic function that my presence articulates information, encouragement, support and action.

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