The 21st century penury

Feeling offended is a common component of denial, a refusal to accept that someone, something or somewhere has ‘ended’.

The root of ‘offence’ is ‘pretence’.

Where there is only a pretending, then the similar behaviour of others will be processed defensively and then offensively, until this resentment pattern is hidden in stuck-addiction©️

So the first two stages of grief are denial and anger. To be defensive and then offensive are simply to be seen as these componential factors of a grief situation.

When there is some work done to experience the truth of the invisible, living Singularity that is loving Consciousness, then denial evaporates.

In this re-pairing of the birthday and deathday of a person in the Source of all, the actions of others are not offensive, merely avoidable where necessary, forgivable if necessary, understandable as necessary, recognisable as me.

Where there is no enemy, there is me.
Where there is me, there is necessarily we.
Where there is you, there is only you.
He, she, it and they pretend to offend,
Until they don’t.


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