Global Stuck and Broken Addiction

At 1:48 my contribution is generously recorded by George Galloway.

I was invited to contribute by George Galloway in response to a piece by Larry Johnson on current global tension around Ukraine and Taiwan.

This message of illness is a message I’ve been delivering on my blog since 2013, standing on the shoulders of Anne Wilson Schaef and her book “When Society Becomes An Addict” published in 1987.

When Society Becomes An Addict (1987) – Anne Wilson Schaef.

Of course as a pragmatist, I accept that the chances of a therapist being invited to help the collapsing governments of the twenty first century are so slim as to be virtually impossible. I can simply deliver a message as it seems to me to be required by my spiritual condition and my conscious realisation.

How that message is received is not my business, I am grateful to have been given a chance to deliver it into the ether of this time. is a beginning, a portal of a possibility toward a process that must write itself as it goes along.

George Galloway was kindly critical of my figures of 20 million Russians killed under Stalin and 40 million Chinese killed under Mao. Bunkum is a great old term, but I am not simply making a figure up without some reference to history, but I of course am open to debate too….

Prior to the dissolution of the Soviet Union and the archival revelations, some historians estimated that the numbers killed by Stalin’s regime were 20 million or higher

Excess mortality in the Soviet Union under Joseph Stalin
Scholarly debate around excess mortality in the Soviet Stalin era. – Wikipedia

His policies resulted in the deaths of tens of millions of people in China during his 27-year reign, more than any other 20th-century leader; estimates of the number of people who died under his regime range from 40 million to as many as 80 million, done through starvation, persecution, prison labour in laogai, and mass executions. Mao rarely gave direct instruction for peoples’ physical elimination. According to biographer Philip Short, the overwhelming majority of those killed by Mao’s policies were unintended casualties of famine, while the other three or four million, in Mao’s view, were the necessary victim’s in the struggle to transform China. Many sources describe Mao’s China as an autocratic and totalitarian regime responsible for mass repression, as well as the destruction of religious and cultural artifacts and sites (particularly during the Cultural Revolution).

Mao Zedong
Chinese communist leader (1893–1976) Wikipedia

The British Empire as evidenced in the link to Wikipedia has been the Mother of Atrocities as well as the Mother of Modern Democracy in the past few hundred years. The US Empire has simply built in the last 150 years upon the foundations it inherited from Britain.

I simply return to my message that the Imperial force expressed in the two empires of the UK and the USA have caused the death of many millions over many decades.

All governments therefore are traumatised, mired in their history.

Only an illness diagnostic can connect the orthodox governments of our Earth by and with the paradox that is One.

So, what can the voice of just one person do as they present to carry a message to the United Nations?

Here is a reply I made earlier….

…. and here is a postscript just found, almost an epilogue….


They are foolish people, indeed, who believe that one can reach the Divine Presence without a vehicle without relying on a means. It is as though they are saying, ‘We may reach the moon without using anything. We may jump from here to there!’ What is the purpose of knowledge if one does not use it?

Such people tell those who listen to them that all the knowledge they need can be found in the Holy Qur’an. They say, ‘Read the Qur’an and you will understand.’ That is destroying Islam. It is God’s Ancient and Holy Words. How then, can they say that everyone can recite and understand such a sublime text? On the contrary, God said :

If they had only referred it to the Messenger, and to those in authority among them, those among them who can search out knowledge of it would have known it (4:83)

You must listen to those servants who have been granted authority. Only they can discern the real meanings from what is necessary to be known. Only they can comb the oceans of Divine Knowledge and bring back pearls. Not everyone may comb through the oceans and bring back pearls. That means, if you are unsure about something, you must find such a person – one who is bringing back pearls of meaning.

God has given that understanding only to those special people whom He has authorised to receive it. Not everyone understands. Those who believe otherwise are falling into unbelief (kufr). So, too, are those who – acting upon this misguided belief that the full knowledge of the Holy Qur’an is available to all – declare that the practice of making meditation to a Sufi guide is unbelief fall into unbelief themselves. The irony of their claim is that, through meditation with the Sufi guide, one may come to a real understanding of the Qur’an.

May God forgive me and bless you. Al-Fatiha.

Shaykh Muhammad Nazim Adil al-Haqqani – Lefke, Cyprus Ramadan 17 1425/ October 30, 2004 – from the book The Healing Power of Sufi Meditation ISBN 1-930409-26-5

The above quote exposes a spiritual principle that is at the heart of the 12 Step Programme as it promises to allow a person to construct an experiential vehicle that is fit for the purpose of conscious contact with God, which is stated as Step 11.

For to say to a suffering person, “Just read the book of Alcoholics Anonymous”, expecting that this is enough 88 years after the text arrived through a founder who said whilst writing it, it was as if the pencil had a life of its own, may actually be falling into Spiritual Bypassing and the dogma of a hierarchical intellectually based culture unwittingly hijacking a spiritually based healing that is designed to change the old hierarchy!

All emotions are sacred

The criterion for assessment and for the avoidance of Spiritual Bypassing is to ask the question, how has the message transmissibility of the 12 Step Programme improved over the last 88 years whilst leaving the Basic Text unaltered?

The work of Joe McQ took the 12 Step Programme into a clearer transmissibility in the last decades of the twentieth century, whilst preserving rigorously the original text of Alcoholics Anonymous. He did say though of the 12 Step Programme in the 1970s and 80s, that if you weren’t sick when you went into some of the meetings of AA – you sure as hell were sick when you came out!

This was the catalyst for Joe McQ to begin to work with Charlie P and to travel the world simply improving the transmissibility of the already existing 12 Step Programme by rigorously attending to the words and thus bringing pearls of meaning for a new generation.

Now the same question must be asked for the twenty first century. The context for the asking of the question has changed radically as Anne Wilson Schaef has defined for us in her book written in 1987 called When Society Becomes An Addict.

Anne Wilson Schaef has made the bold and revolutionary discovery that we live in a sick society. Often unknowingly, the vast majority of us collude in a system that encourages addiction and co-dependence – and sees these states as normal. Many of us are addicted to chemicals, not only alcohol or drugs but nicotine, caffeine, chocolate, overeating in general. Even more of us are involved in addictive processes: workaholism, gambling, compulsive shopping, sex, and so on. The realisation of the extent of our addictions, both individually and as a society, is shocking. However, there is no need to get depressed, because we can do something about it.

The first and most important step is to admit and name the disease, both in ourselves and in our society. Anne Wilson Schaef’s brilliant and compassionate dissection of addictive behavioural patterns leaves us no option but to see truth. However, the message of this book is essentially optimistic, because once the process of awareness is triggered, healing begins.

ANNE WILSON SCHAEF, PhD, is an internationally known author whose books are recognised as major contributions to the understanding of addiction. Her bestsellers include Co-dependence Misunderstood, Mistreated and Women’s Reality.
Published in 1987

Any therapist who is not actively recovering from the Addictive System is perpetuating it. Any therapist who is not actively trying to make a system shift is supporting the Addictive System.

p136 When Society Becomes An Addict by Anne Wilson Schaef

The modern spiritual teachings offer no personal template that can provide a sense of vehicle. Therefore the teachers become merely brand vehicles that in themselves cannot carry a person to a Divine Presence experience.

The 12 Step Programme offers the only living vehicle template on Earth presently that is fit for purpose, fit to carry people to their own conscious contact with God.

For a person to be helped to build this vehicle in the 21st century then, even though the template is only 88 years old, guidance from those with their own vehicle up and running is necessary.

This is why good sponsorship is vital in the 12 Step Fellowships. As the founder of the 12 Step Programme Bill W. said, you can’t transmit something you haven’t got.

How vital is it then for those offering treatment in a rehab, treatment that has to be regulated by orthodox non-spiritually based intellectually formulated structures of assessment, to be clear in their adherence to the principles of spiritual healing that are Ancient, principles that Bill W. accessed in a way that was by his own admission, mysterious?

Diction Resolution Therapy is a bridge from the paradox that is spiritual healing, across to the orthodox structures of governance for all forms of healing to be safely delivered. Does this work? I offer some feedback from the relatives of a client I received after one session of counselling with their relative:

Just a short message to thank you for the care and counselling you gave…. He has already started to turn the corner and is looking forward to your next session.

Client feedback to the DRT WhatsApp page. 2023.

The opening quote in this post is offered simply to see a correlation across the centuries as to how consciousness transmits. The Sufi is ever free from dogma, is ever the pragmatist, for the Sufi knows that there is only One Existent.

Bülent Rauf – Addresses II

In this post linked below, I explore the building of this vehicle as the completion and perfecting of a sense of an octahedral presence that establishes personal experience of Divine intervention that heals and establishes an ever deepening and improving contact with Consciousness Itself.

12 Step Programme as an Ancient Template fit for the 21st century

Just One Person

How can just one person expect to have any impact upon the world?

Well, the present day leaders are “just one person” that exemplify a system admittedly, but still in their isolation of office they dictate events on behalf of their back-office ideologists.

So, the Paradox Messengers across the centuries that have rooted the handful of global religions and set the recorder for the tally of history’s years were “just one person” in their day.

So today, where is the “just one person” who is truly the carrier of God in their heart?

If history is anything to go by this “just one person” would be ignored by everyone, even by those closest to them sometimes.

Anybody who did intuit a glimmering of the “just one person” in their role would be soon gripped by a fear and denial equal and opposite to such glimmering.

‘My earth and My heavens cannot encompass Me, but the heart of My believing servant encompasses Me’.

A message from God through Muhammad (pbuh)

So God fits inside the heart of God’s believing servant.

‘Came to believe that a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity’.

Step 2 of the 12 Step Programme.

So for a start today, there is not “just one person” with their heart encompassing God, there are hundreds of thousands in 12 Step Fellowships globally. Over the 85 years of the 12 Step Programme’s history the number reaches millions.

Given that individual leaders in history wreak such physical destruction as they strut their power to do things on Earth, just what is the point of a person who encompasses God in their heart and what can they actually ‘do’?

This blog post gives the clue as to what the God holders actually do, for Mankind and Humankind are not the same just as the words are not the same word.

Humankind are born out of Mankind and Mankind is borne by Humankind.

Thus in the phenomenological study of global religions, patterns emerge of orthodox culture reaching points of crisis wherein mysterious figures arise of a paradoxical presence that seek to warn, help and actively lead a way for a new orthodox culture to arise.

When empires have been built by weaponising the messages of invitation previously delivered by paradoxical Messengers thus turning such messages into both explicit and implicit control by a singular ideology, then disaster and a dehumanising ensues rather than the humanising promised in the quotes of the particular misused Messenger.

Similarly even when intellectual revolutions have appeared to change orthodoxy with no pretence to quote spiritual legitimacy, then the costs in terms of brutally killing all opposing forces in order to impose their singular ideology of communism are simply a matter of history and equally dehumanising.

The leaders of the global congregations say to their addled flocks, “I am waiting for God, with you”. As a Spiritual Counsellor I say to the world reflecting Step 11 of the 12 Step template, “I am waiting with God, for you”.

It’s up to the relationship between Mankind and Mankind’s leaders then to dare to hear the message from their hosting spiritual holders for their very continuance or not, if there is to be any hope of effecting a change in the crisis looming large on Earth today.