There are more answers than questions

Answers are everywhere
Look, look at the miracle
Invited into your life by you
Listen to the sound of breathing
Last breath and first breath
Repeating, repeating
Heading you into the weather
Steering you into desires
Feeding your appetite
Assuaging your hunters
Yet, you never question
You never ask
So the answers cannot intrude
They’re not allowed to force an entry
That’s against the law.
You’re swimming in a sea of solutions
Floating in an ocean of resolution
Yet you think that you’re drowning
It feels like you’re sinking
Because you can’t see the difference
Between vassal and vessel
Between sale and sail.
The answers are yearning for your question.

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The artificial renews,
The sacrificial and the artificial
Connected in superficial time,
The Sacrificer and The Artificer are

The artificial replaces
The sacrificial and the artificial
Connected in superficial time
The Sacrificer and The Artificer are

The artificial restores
The sacrificial and the artificial
Connected in superficial time
The Sacrificer and The Artificer are

The artificial mobilises
The sacrificial and the artificial
Connected in superficial time
The Sacrificer and The Artificer are

The officials are Rumplestiktskins
Kidnapping the current
Collapsing the terminals
Blackmailing the wholly holy

The Spanish definition extraoficial
Shows a way to break out
Shows a way to face up to truth
To face down danger
To sacrifice your artifice
To One.


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Stuck-addiction© real feedback.

Recently, a man got into my cab.

“Where are you going?” says I.

“I’m going to my leaving do actually, after 20 years I’m moving on”, says he.

I asked him why and he said it was just time, career advancement, time for a new challenge. He seemed positive and in control of a simple open and free choice process.

We move down the road and as we sped into the city, the talk moved to me and my service at DRT. I talked of the connections that I make between individual meltdown of executive function as a way to describe criminalised addiction and the often criminal actions of the executive function of banks, Volkswagen, Tesco as well as the management of the NHS not connecting with front line staff.

I talked specifically of my page to help him understand my correlations.
He looked at the page on his phone, then a very clear thing happened.

He swore, then said, “that’s exactly why I’m leaving my company, exactly. They’ve parachuted in an American leadership that insists on doing things their way, from an arm of the conglomerate that’s not really doing well and we’ve all got to do it one way, their way …. after 20 years, I’m outta there.”

I said that many, many people over the years had identified with my diagnosis. I said that it was impossible to reach into the executive function of an individual until a crash happens. So, if there is an acceptance of my view, then the chances of my message reaching the top executive function where the only chance of direction change resides, were almost nil until a crash happens.

He swore again, “that’s exactly what my colleagues have been saying for weeks, that only a crash will change the disastrous direction of the board.”

My approach has been peer evaluated over and over again this past few years.

The words I use are not hysterical, they are actually more measured than some used by bankers, executives, academics, doctors, nurses and students to describe their actual experience of working in the NHS, in the University and in corporate international businesses.

“Be and it is”, the only Executive Order in existence.

Nothing new about Donald J. Trump, this is not physical, political, even national, it’s about global money.

This brinkmanship has no intellectual remedy, for the narcotic of power is too perverting for that.

The last time the world faced such turmoil, then dark forces were at play: enemies were not self made men, they were backed by big money, who after the war made even bigger money.

This is a spiritual stand to.

Do not let the chaff of contrived events put you off from the coherency of your Light, your intuition, your inspiration.

Neither become filled with blame, international politics, organised crime, corporate excesses, systemic cul-de-sacs of executive justifications of unjustifiable differentials, all are victims now of a bottom-line fixation and a top-line disintegration.

Amidst the General Public, so whipped up into predictable factions, where are the individuals possessed of common sense, of conscious work upon themselves? Is it any wonder the leaders are like they are?

Religions are of no help here, they have been systematically bamboozled over many decades now in preparation for these times.
Spiritual leadership is required. Not the academic quoting of powerful Masters of past battles, nor the comfort zone of the silsila of standing at a revered tomb. This is the time for being the mystic, for being present, for being the “Kun fayya kun” of One Love as the only Executive Order that actually has any lasting efficacy.

The Way lives most accessibly in the living hearts of the present spiritual throng, God’s Dry Powder, beyond secular divided belief, The Believers.

No physical enmity is required, the unwitting donkeys of political and financial power have no choice in their great fear based protocols.

The canniving of the intellectual cleverness, the taboo breakers in Masonic and occult secret meetings that crunch metadata to swirl the addled flocks to their barks and whistles, they have no power that is not given to them at this time.

All power is from One Source.

Remember that these days are about an invisible battle, the will to serve Love, to be true to your Highest Power.

Then you will see the terrible rôle that the harrowers of an era have to bear as they contort themselves in their preening, pompous Queen of Hearts rendition of their beliefs, that they have no control over, they simply push the poo from one corner of the cage to another.

Yet, as they head-down, push their gold and poo across the cage, many many people may suddenly see that the Universal cage door of Human Being is wide open, that it has never actually ever been shut at all!

So, keep your head up. The Human, being you, knows The Human, being me, as We recognise each other at the cage door that has never ever been locked shut at all!
Hu hu.

Roots or Fruits?

If it is by our roots that our culture is to be weighed
Then we are doomed indeed
The primary Empire
The currency of the Emporium
Is rooted in escape from Imperial domination
Yet trunked in the biggest Imperial military ever seen
Is rooted in slaughter of indigenous tribes
Then in the slaughter of brothers
In Civil War
Is rooted in the smoke and mirror of CIA
Spinning nations for covert ends
Rooted in fear, never clear, until the keys of power
Are thrown away
The roots are always in the dark, fed with rotting manure
The vehicle of the world and species
Is mineral and vegetable

Animal spirits and Human spirits
How do we make sense of our vehicle?
How do we move in our vegetable crafts
To let the fruits of our actions, all that matters,
Be worth the sacrifices of all that matter?

The Spiritual gardeners
The tillers of the Soul Soil
The cleaners of the hands of time
That are merely soiled
They know how to move the Era through
How to graft the cutting of one time
Onto the trunk of our Common Tree.

One at a time
One person at a time
One cry at a time
One sob at a time
One heart at a time

Isa (Christ) is an Interior Seal
The Prophet (SA) is an Exterior Seal

The resenting grip is redeemed with knowledge
Of the wider purpose of the interior land.

If this world were only vehicle, harrowed furrow
Irony of “civil” war and revolution
Root and branch
What a mockery that would truly be

But it is a fruit garden
The harvest of our intended crop
The magic that invisibly
Keeps the massive engine turning

No story of money first ever ended well in history
There’s no escaping that
So, how to escape from Rumpelstiltskin yet again?

Simply know his name, that’s all, know his name
In you, the jailing fear that locks your freedom
Look inside, face it, and name it.


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