My liver is one vowel from my lover, and gives the clue to the symbolic relationship between individual consciousness and systemic paradigm. Inside my body there is one singularity that produces and sustains it’s one single product, that serves it’s one single host. The liver makes blood as a means of exchange.

My liver is the single producer, my received blood is single, my host’s stomach though single receives its enzymes, my body though single receives its life.

My brain has two hemispheres, my heart has four ventricles, two kidneys, lungs, eyes, ovaries/testicles – reflective of the necessary polarities for matter to cohere.

One female womb requiring the male placenta.

A culture receives its life. The body politic receives its life. Economic bodies receive life. Social bodies receive life.

Money is a means of exchange. Like blood, it is not made in the brain of the body of a culture. Like blood it is made in the liver of a culture.

What clue can this metaphor give to you as to where the wealth of a culture is truly produced?

In the name. In those who live in the culture, the livers.

If blood falls out with the liver, the body breaks down.

If money forgets its source and that it is produced to serve, the body of the culture dies.

I am who am.

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The education system is a tray factory. We need trays, just don’t get fooled into being a tray lest you then betray your heart.

Be living food for each other, let your soul shine, trays are ten a penny.

Intellect comes from the root “hold”, intelligence comes from the root “choose”.

The tray holds the dishes, you choose the food.

So many empty trays in politics and academia, devoid of contact with the Living One, they entrance the people with their golden highly qualified trays that carry no food.

They cover their trays with inscriptions and carvings from the past, initiate each other with empty symbols, dirty dishes, no food.

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