Instigations …

Look up the dated phrase “to grant favours” …

Oh to be a modern man
No rites of passage
Trashed religious package
Caught between news of marauders
Brutal abusers and Benny Hill musers
All tarred with the same brush
The seduction dance frozen
G-spots, wi-fi hot spots
Loose Women programmes
Fifty Shades logjams
Performed and written by feminine forces
Poor men …
Like animals or birds
Forced to dance, lock horns,
Preen their feathers
Not a word or thought out of place,
Until she instigates
Her policy of no regret
Just don’t dare to refuse her
Don’t then say no …
For it’s the woman scorned
That makes Hell’s fury seem nought
It’s Salome that had The Baptist’s head bought
It’s Delilah had Samson’s power clipped
It’s the other man’s wife
Clawed Joseph’s back
Then blamed him …
So …. The Human, being me,
Meets The Human, being you,
In the dying art of animal husbandry.

Every 2 hours in the UK a man kills himself.


The education system is a tray factory. We need trays, just don’t get fooled into being a tray lest you then betray your heart.

Be living food for each other, let your soul shine, trays are ten a penny.

Intellect comes from the root “hold”, intelligence comes from the root “choose”.

The tray holds the dishes, you choose the food.

So many empty trays in politics and academia, devoid of contact with the Living One, they entrance the people with their golden highly qualified trays that carry no food.

They cover their trays with inscriptions and carvings from the past, initiate each other with empty symbols, dirty dishes, no food.

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