Affect and Effect

There is One Cause in existence. This is the ineffable position of the messenger who is in Union with God.
So where does that leave the usual intellectual due diligence of trying to apportion casualty in the complicated apparition that is our daily experience?
Once the cause is summarised as singular, then the theatre of life takes on a new script.
The Latin verb ‘facio’, is the key to understanding the play, the illusion of existence. From this celestial playwright the words perfect, defect, affect, infect, effect, and the derivatives confection and refectory zoom into focus.
Everything is perfect now.
What draws you in affection is the energy that gives you the echo that is the effect. What you hold as precious is that which is your unavoidable parameter of consciousness.
Laughter is infectious, panic is infectious, grief is infectious, enthusiasm is infectious and so on and so on …. in this computer age posts can go viral.
The defects, which necessarily include the correlations death and birth, have their place in a system of ‘necessary duality’ for current to flow. The vice and virtue of appearances that revolve as a person evolves are not ’cause and effect’ pathways, they are educators of our perfection.
If behaviour sticks then it is described as being somewhat affected.
Love is the only cause: therefore, in the quantum science of Unity, love is the only possibility of releasing what are, (despite their often terrifying appearance and consequence) simply local affected patterns of governing behaviour (either personal or systemic), into being recalibrated more effective patterns of behaviour; thus releasing more affection for the future effects of this, our present perfection.

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