Affect and Effect

There is One Cause in existence. This is the ineffable position of the messenger who is in Union with God.
So where does that leave the usual intellectual due diligence of trying to apportion casualty in the complicated apparition that is our daily experience?
Once the cause is summarised as singular, then the theatre of life takes on a new script.
The Latin verb ‘facio’, is the key to understanding the play, the illusion of existence. From this celestial playwright the words perfect, defect, affect, infect, effect, and the derivatives confection and refectory zoom into focus.
Everything is perfect now.
What draws you in affection is the energy that gives you the echo that is the effect. What you hold as precious is that which is your unavoidable parameter of consciousness.
Laughter is infectious, panic is infectious, grief is infectious, enthusiasm is infectious and so on and so on …. in this computer age posts can go viral.
The defects, which necessarily include the correlations death and birth, have their place in a system of ‘necessary duality’ for current to flow. The vice and virtue of appearances that revolve as a person evolves are not ’cause and effect’ pathways, they are educators of our perfection.
If behaviour sticks then it is described as being somewhat affected.
Love is the only cause: therefore, in the quantum science of Unity, love is the only possibility of releasing what are, (despite their often terrifying appearance and consequence) simply local affected patterns of governing behaviour (either personal or systemic), into being recalibrated more effective patterns of behaviour; thus releasing more affection for the future effects of this, our present perfection.

The Ineffable

Sometimes the question is asked, “how can all this pain and suffering arise in the World, how can all this chaos in the news, all this happenchance in the eyes of mass perceptions be explained?”

The answer is simple, “it is all caused by people with the covert agendas in whose interest the actual derivatives of the above conditions eventually accrue.”

History is replete with the eventual uncovering of the plots and fear driven machinations of the scallywags who have risen to then misuse their control of the simple governance mechanisms of Service that were inbuilt to the casual pathways that facilitate the life of Mankind and the Environment that supports Mankind.

The chaos within which the scallywag thrives and which they deliberately cause, this diversionary tactic often gets way beyond the control of the inept political magicians who invoke such smoke and mirror stage sets.

On the way to such melt downs, the scallywags throw away the keys to knowledge as The Christ Jesus reminded the High Priests back at the beginning of the present era.

In the midst of confusion, the natural intuition to look for casual patterns right through to a Singularity becomes frayed and distressed.

Even though the precise temperature of the physical body is preset, the temperature of the Sun is preset, the solidifying, liquefying and vaporising temperatures of all matter is preset and caused, still the covert machinations of the scallywag induces the eventual mass breakdown of the line of causality back to First Cause and the portals to the Invisible seem to close to popular access.

This closure is caused by the scallywags. It does not happen by chance. The scallywags like to say that everything happens by chance, nuancing legitimate evolutionary theory to cover their nihilism. They say and do one thing whilst nurturing and coveting their secret agendas and ambitions wanting the people to blame God, initially to blame even the possibility of Casual Pathways for their pain and suffering, then to ultimately blame The Ineffable prior to a complete severance of attempt at personal contact with The Invisible at all, for then the scallywags achieve their aim. The aim of rallying people to their hopeless cause.

The only one thing that the scallywags fear is the arrival on the scene of The Ineffable Itself to rally folks to The Original Cause, as the Bhagavad Gita narrates. The scallywags have no power over such an Event of course, for their total power is given albeit usurped from The Ineffable anyway.

When The Ineffable moves to rebalance Casual Pathways, eventually that movement is unstoppable, ineffable.

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