Rise up

The inner war perfectly described, the necessity of material action ‘after’ the illusion has been destroyed. Imminent action is required of us, solitude and renunciation is not enough according to Krishna.
Whatever the appearance of my utterances, my words about the practicality of spirituality, the practicability and development of material action in the present moment, is rooted in my direct experience of the eternal Singularity meeting Its own material action.
“Rise up I love you” seems a timeless order to any material entity downtrodden by authoritarians’ disbelief and the broken lovelessness of cultural dissonance.
It’s how that rising up is to happen.
The old junta can only see outer war, this literal slaughter may come, it’s happened before after all.
My words are about the possibility of a healing, of an inner rising up of meaning, of an individual escape from fear and resentment that then brings about a collective change. This is the message of Carl Jung.
Is this possible?
If the inner war is not fought individually, then the outer war is inevitable collectively, this has been the fact since Muhammad (pbuh) differentiated between the greater and lesser war in the message of Islam.
So, for centuries, the forces of collective plunder have done everything to stop the greater war and insist upon the monetary based lesser wars that form the history of our broken hearts.
Now, rise up and love as you are loved, is the battle cry of the changed person, the reality of every spiritual Messenger sent from your potential future.

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