Watch “The Current Economic Crisis” on YouTube

So this 10 year old video, which has featured before in my blog, is still pertinent to what is happening in Britain today.

Before I start, I must say that I have no successful financial base from which to proselytise a new or better way to do business. In fact I suffer from a tangible current account insecurity presently and the only thing that my insight into the disease of stuck-addiction gives me is that my fear of financial insecurity is removed.

However, it has become clear to me that the forces acting upon the Executive function of the UK in its Brexit policy has rendered said Executive function into a very dark place that forces their acting like a very frightened using drug dealer might act just prior to them entering their rock-bottom.

80% of the UK’s GDP is locked into the service sector, a service sector that serves money and the financial services that depend upon money being seen as a commodity in itself, rather than merely the neutral connector of systems trading actual commodities within a market place of value and exchange.

So, because the financial crash of 2008, that Charlie Munger describes in the opening to this post, has effectively broken that illusory commodity position of money being able to trade against itself to make more of itself, the whole capitalist system globally has been stagnant for 12 years.

The UK already has faced criticism about the amount of allegedly irregular money that might have already flowed through London banks into shell companies and then into the UK domestic and commercial property markets. However, there is a deep desperation now globally around how money is to function in this new digital age given that it died many years ago giving us a zombie system that could implode at any time.

The scale of the problem exposed.

At some level, not necessarily at the level that the conspiracy theorists might like to imagine exists where a man sits in a chair stroking a black cat surveying the world through 50 flickering screens, the above diagrammed financial Armageddon has resulted in the UK having to break itself free of EU regulations so that it can become a Caymen Island like magnet for any kind of money that it can get its desperate dealer hands on.

So, against all political principles of democracy’s rules of adversarial engagement, the UK has had to invoke it’s feudal foundations of power to ram-raid its attempt to regain control of the main commodity component of 80% of its GDP, namely money.

This is the disease of stuck-addiction in all of its executive function collapse, in all of its disconnect from conscience, in all of its destruction of linguistic coherence, in all of its destruction of the hosting body, in all of the final stages of disrepair and dissonance.

In tbe breakdown of the final UK EU Brexit talks, it is now being made clear that what is diagnosable as the UK’s decade long stuck-addiction bender has meant that an inevitable huge manipulation of the body politic has occurred, a manipulation that is in the final stages of smashing the common sense of ordinary people completely.

It is now being made clear that despite the appearance of Executive hand-wringing and amidst huge fortunes being made by the UK’s well connected wealthy in the bucket shop system that Charlie Munger derided as a sewer in his talk, a diseased yet subliminally completely planned no deal Brexit is happening.

My blogging and social media work over the last 7 years as well as my efforts with Diction Resolution Therapy have forecast this state of national self-harm, but it gives me no pleasure to say that I told you so.

Covid-19 is just a symptom of the collapse of the G20’s Executive function and the collapse of the bodies politic that the G20 symbolises.

Imagine a junkie that has contracted TB because of the disease of stuck-addiction and the collapse of self-care that this primary disease has caused. If that person presents to a doctor and that doctor only treats the TB without attending to the primary disease that opened the person to catching TB in the first place, then the patient will die prematurely.

So now with Mankind. Even if Covid-19 is attended to, if the underlying physical disrepair and Metaphysical disconnect which is the primary situation facing Mankind is not faced, then in a few decades Attenborough’s prediction of a total biosphere collapse may actually materialise.

There is still time, but the healing begins with words. Mankind actually faces a collective software problem not a hardware problem. Software is a language phenomenon and the English language is the global possibility of actually facing what is truly happening on Earth presently. More importantly, the English language can then begin to allow a personal and a collective healing to begin on Earth before it’s too late.

The Tree of Life


Spiritual leadership in the 21st century.

Theories of general leadership abound in the 21st century, just tune into LinkedIn if you don’t believe me.

Known so-called spiritual leaders past and present are placed under the analytical microscopes of academics, experts, historians, theologians, sociologists, religionists and psychologists, to name but a few, as if some universal component of success could be gleaned from such studies, to be then sold on to the millions of new-age aspirants for huge sums of money!

A new spiritual leader has therefore a considerable assault course of boxes to tick, it may be thought, if they are to be successful in getting started, such thoughts are however erroneous.

A spiritual leader in a group situation is a temporary point of conducted energy. In its function this temporary point allows a specific group effort an orientation of a singular nature, so that there is a chance of successful conclusion to either a clearly consensual aim, or even an emergency aim that seems somehow to have been imposed upon the group by general circumstances.

One to one contact with a spiritual leader is always logistically difficult it seems, never more so than in the 21st century, so a utilisation of contemporary methodologies of communication is called for.

Religious leaders in all of the global denominations talk of Unity but find it hard to escape from aspects of their particular religion’s fame and hypocritical history that almost entirely collapses their efforts when it comes to conversing about what death really is and what happens to a personal sense of self upon the death of the physical body.

Spiritual leadership involves an arcane transmission of sorts, a grace from Source powerful enough to initiate an awakening in and of consciousness in a person. This awakening is not physical, for clearly the person is corporeally awake, as are you now. The awakening is metaphysical and just as stark for a person who is metaphysically awake as is the difference for them between their physical sleeping and waking states.

You know the difference between physical sleeping and waking. There is also an experiential, definite difference between metaphysical sleeping and waking, that is just as simple. The spiritual leader helps a person wake up spiritually …. there’s a surprise! 😉

The actual waking up in a person has in truth already started when a person finds themself attracted to an authentic spiritual leader, for the leader is more like a midwife to, rather than an inseminator of, a person’s metaphysical awakening.

Only in and with a metaphysically awakened person is the conversation about birth and death a viable possibility. This is why the Christ Jesus is reported as having said, “let the dead bury their own dead, I am living follow me now.”

The Christ Jesus was not being gratuitously rude, He was simply stating what I have just said for the people of His time.

Fortunately for me, there is a vehicle already in place on Earth, given by the experience of my spiritual forebears, built by the blood, sweat and tears of millions of awakened people over the last 85 years, that makes my present work possible.

This vehicle I have written about these past seven years in these blogs, this vehicle of the 12 Step Programme.

In most people on Earth, when they are looked at as potential personal plugs into the Universal Consciousness that pervades Mankind, then they actually have a kind of proxy-consciousness as the brown wire in their appearance is “a person, a place or a thing”.

This proxy-consciousness is the deadness that the Christ Jesus talked about when he said, “let the dead bury their own dead.”

Clearly then, this message has never been popular, it is not popular now. How can a person who seems to be successful with the thing of money as the proxy brown wire in his or her personal plug into a “life-current”, be expected to react when told that this arrangement renders him asleep, that they only have trickle-charge access to a current moment, to a present moment, as if dead to their own Higher Self?

How can a person who has inherited the proxy brown wire thing of a religion that so many people seem to buy into with its many holy places, be expected to react when told that this arrangement renders him if not quite as fully asleep as a money wired person, still he is actually no where near fully awake?

History says that if apparently successful people are told of their actual condition vis-a-vis their metaphysical connectivity, they deny the message and get very angry with the messenger!

So today, why am I driving my taxi and not being listened to by the medical authorities when I talk about my message that the therapeutic world is like a desert, that the best efforts of most of the world’s psychiatrists, psychologists and counsellors are making matters worse not better?

Why am I driving my taxi burdened by the financial debt of lost earnings, not being listened to, as I have taken the time to write my blogs challenging the corporate and political leaders of this time as they’re stagnating and collapsing because of they’re actually being ill in their executive effectiveness in same way that addicts collapse in illness?

I’m driving my taxi for many reasons, one of which is because it’s been the only way so far, to have met the many, many people that God has had me meet to converse about the prevailing conditions on Earth, for if I had tried to strategise a way to have met them I would never have been granted access.

It’s clear isn’t it? The paradox carrier historically is about as welcome as a disease carrier to orthodox power, yet aren’t they proved over and over again to have been the mirror held up to collapsing orthodoxy that none wish to look into, that is the opening part of their message.

When conditions deteriorate further, there may be time for my work to succeed, there may not, only God knows.

Points to ponder

The message of a top-line collapse rendering the Executive function of Corporations and governmental Cabinet Offices to a state of collapse is not a message that was ever destined to be easy to deliver.

The ruthless behaviours that manifest from the bottom-line fixation of a stuck-addict seem easier to see than the bottom-line fixated antics of say the biggest bank in the world RBS in 2008, than the antics of the directors and auditors of Carillion and InterServe or BHS and Debenhams here in the UK.

Equally the present exposure of illegal activities from within large pharmaceutical and addiction treatment conglomerates is as, if not more, fixated on the bottom-line of making money than is the bottom-line fixation of a drug addict to get their drugs.

So, how to give some information to begin to give some new food for thought for the leaders of finance in a collapsed monetary system.

First, when in a hole admit it and stop digging.

Second, see that this elevating of money to a primary position in the mass governance of people by very small numbers of leaders has happened over and over again in history and it has never ended well according to the scriptures of all of the world’s religions.

So, to look at my message of stuck-addiction collapsing global cultures, it’s now time to look into the ordering of the administration of the now globally cohering 12 Step Fellowships. How do millions of previously dying, diseased ego-maniacs manage the money needed to have ensured that their continued presence is now undeniably working across scores of 12 Step Fellowships in up to 190 countries?

Simply put, the Fellowships manifest with individuals who have a conscious contact with God, as they understand God, coming together in autonomous Groups that submit collectively to a Group Conscience that is an organ of organisational power from a Higher Power, from a top-line.

The bottom-line necessity of money is rigourously kept in place and connected to the top-line of the Group Conscience by the principle of a prudent reserve.

This principle of prudent reserve has protected the 12 Step Fellowships now for over eighty years. The Groups are self-supporting by their own contributions and any excess money is given swiftly to a central office.

This is to guard against the sickness of financial hoarding that is actually a symptom of the illness that is destroying our planet, not helpful to a sustainable Human propiety at all, despite the enticements of a published “Rich List”.

So, the creatives might have to work through this principle of prudent reserve into workable social policy with all of the urgency of people escaping from a collapsing, flaming building …. but it is a principle that has provenance.

The prudent reserve needed for a person in an occupation earning the wage say of a government’s Prime Minister, which is somewhere near 7x the wage of a low earner in the UK presently, well their prudent reserve might be 7x larger than the lowest earner once the size of that reserve had been established.

A start point might be approximately one year’s food and housing expenditure. Anything more than this might be seen as posing a spiritual threat rather than as a symbol of great success.

To start to live under spiritual principles rather than in physical hypocrisy will be a great shock for people, but the world is on fire, it’s time to decide.

As it says in the 12 Step Programme, Spiritual Principles are not theoretical, they now have to be lived.

This post is offered as a point to ponder. The Human, being a leader, meeting with The Human, being members of creative teams will be well able to create sustainable ways of harmoniously dwelling within recovered cities and cultures.

25 people on this planet Earth have as much material wealth as 3,500,000,000 people. Clearly the system is broken akin to the film Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs with nobody able to challenge the rogue money machines that do half of their work now with BOTS that are way away from any connection to democratic control.

This is the brinkmanship that the very ill hoarders of money are enmeshed within, as ever. They stare with their lobby driven puppet governments down the barrels of each other’s MAD weaponry and threaten each other with financial instruments of destruction, all with the insanity of their imagined apparent impunity from Spiritual consequences.

My message, as in Morris West’s The Clowns Of God, is the Dickensian story of A Christmas Carol being brought to life in real time within the backdrop of Attenborough’s message to the UN being actually true. The Scrooges had better wake up and rejoin Mankind while they still have time.

Liam Gallagher’s new song “Shockwave” is the theme tune for the wake-up call that is #theHUmanhealing

Rise up

The inner war perfectly described, the necessity of material action ‘after’ the illusion has been destroyed. Imminent action is required of us, solitude and renunciation is not enough according to Krishna.
Whatever the appearance of my utterances, my words about the practicality of spirituality, the practicability and development of material action in the present moment, is rooted in my direct experience of the eternal Singularity meeting Its own material action.
“Rise up I love you” seems a timeless order to any material entity downtrodden by authoritarians’ disbelief and the broken lovelessness of cultural dissonance.
It’s how that rising up is to happen.
The old junta can only see outer war, this literal slaughter may come, it’s happened before after all.
My words are about the possibility of a healing, of an inner rising up of meaning, of an individual escape from fear and resentment that then brings about a collective change. This is the message of Carl Jung.
Is this possible?
If the inner war is not fought individually, then the outer war is inevitable collectively, this has been the fact since Muhammad (pbuh) differentiated between the greater and lesser war in the message of Islam.
So, for centuries, the forces of collective plunder have done everything to stop the greater war and insist upon the monetary based lesser wars that form the history of our broken hearts.
Now, rise up and love as you are loved, is the battle cry of the changed person, the reality of every spiritual Messenger sent from your potential future.

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Ahmad Jamil

The virtuoso does not not perform with a fear of diminishing the audience
The musician does not excel whilst imagining the lesser gradation of other musicians
The years of wrestling with rehearsal are delivered eventually for the uplift and emotional nourishment of the receiver
It is not that the master expects all to attain to the level of transmission of the play upon instrument and voice
So it is with me
How can the gift given to me, be given to you by the recipient, who can only express a gift, not regive it?
My words are connected to the Source
It matters not whether they seem sacred or profane to you, the Source is One
Therefore, those seeking the perfume of union in these times, will know the scent of the sent pre-sent in me
The beautiful names are for beauty
Beauty is not one of them, beauty is all of them
Praise is for the creation not the Creator
The Creator needs no praise, you need praise
I am the most praiseworthy of those who praise …. you

Now is the time, with whatever time is left to me,
To talk of certainty, as being the truth of certainty
That you may be fed by the reality of certainty itself
To itself

The opposites work together always when re-paired

When in a state of disrepair, the opposites fight to their logical, committee driven, exquisitely minuted and justified end …. that of
Utter destruction

I am global because the Source is global
There are a few here on Facebook who love my words
It is for you that I write
The rest of you will just have to deal with it or let me go

My counselling service will not attract the masses
For people do not really want to change
They want to go through the motions
And that is perfectly understandable

But for the few with only a thin layer of dust over their eyes
Then my counselling service and my taxi service are a perfect station of contact

This place is simply my fountain
Cascading whilst I am here
Bubbling words that warm the heart, embarrass the mind
Feed the soul

Ethically I fit the label that has to be placed on the counselling jar
I can do that with treatment-plan, objectives, progress notes and CBT homework linking sessions
But the energy in the words is not in the Vizier’s audit
It is in the inside treasure chest of Aladdin

Eternal Momentum of Perception

“Mankind cannot find the moment, the now,

Because they look in time.

The ‘now’ is not strapped perilously to the rail lines

Of past and future waiting for the trained to find it.

It is not to be found in time at all – unless

As a personal co-ordinate, an amalgam, a dy by dx.

In maths there is differentiation using two axis x and y.

The y axis is the now, eternity:

The x axis is time.

The particular person is literally a co-ordinate in time and space, a dy by dx,

Learning co-ordination.”

I hope that the above poem opens this piece with the image of a man in the ‘in-between’ place, the place of meeting and coming together, the ‘jam’ where the Logos meets that which is written upon, where the lover meets the beloved.

In the question of mankind being an expression of ‘nature and nurture’, there is only Love from the One to the One within the appearance of matter as an apparent ‘other’, an other that needs twoness to exist in its vehicle forms.

These forms rely upon electricity to charge up awareness via positive and negative poles from the molecular right up to the nervous systems of more developed and animate forms of Life and of course, mankind.

It seems that all matter is the product of a conception and that any conception must necessarily contain all the elements that are described by the various prefixes that illuminate the process.

So we find the words precept(ion), reception, inception, exception, deception, accept(ion) and conception as a sequence that exposes the drama of possibility and necessity as an individual tries to understand their perception of being born and facing death.

Love is the field within which all matter appears and disappears. The rules for conception are simple wherever the drive of creation appears be it physical, mental or spiritual. Opposites are attracted, a conversation or an attempt at ‘knowing’ takes place i.e. a position and its converse are brought together, this being so whether the position is physical, mental or spiritual, and if the coincidence is fortunate then a fertilisation takes place.

Everyone knows about this process in the physical realm of vegetation and animality up to experiencing the marvel of mankind’s physical birthing. Everyone knows of their own culture’s ideals for protecting the process and guarding against disasters of breakdown of support for mankinds’ offspring development.

Love is the support; lack of love seems to be the disaster for any product of physical conception. However, because there is only One in existence, any such disasters are never totally irreconcilable and indeed, the mystery of True Love is often bewildering for mankind. (This perplexing rendition of Cosmic Love can be seen within the stories of the religions for example, whether it is the story of Moses and Khidr in the Qur’an or Arjuna and Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita).

To move on, the rules are the same for conception in the mental realm except that the opposites that attract are internal to an individual, their animus and anima, their left and right brain, their known and unknown, that which has been touched by life’s experience and that which is untouched.

If the inner forces of intellect and intelligence meet in loving tussles within an individual in response to a need to know how to meet a challenge set by Life and if the passion of that meeting of intellect and intelligence is fruitful, then a new conception is produced – a work of art, an invention, a scientific discovery, a business venture of service to mankind or an architectural wonder.

When, in the spiritual realm opposites meet, when God meets Himself as apparent other, in Love, yet in nothing other than His own creation in response to a need to know Himself, then a Cosmos is conceived of and born.

This is best described spherically, a sphere has a centre, a place of connected presence, a rounded sense of The Human, being.

When the maintenance of that Cosmos demands, then certain individuals birth again within an actual reflection of that mystery of spiritual conception, Infinity touching finity for an instant, individuals with the ability to communicate to and help others with, the messages of God as it where, One to one.

This, it seems to me, is the promise and reality of the Abrahamic line of prophets and messengers and their heirs.

So, in terms of nature and nurture, it seems that an individual is capable of being two things at once, for we are in Our Creator’s image after all – we as individuals are both here and not here, our worldliness is a vehicle for our soul.

We are souls journeying through this Earth as part of God’s conceptual process in Himself.

As the Buddhists say:
‘I am spirit dwelling in the temporary vehicle of my body to obtain experience, expression and development’.

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