Song Sung You

How to keep open when the energy seems so discordant?
A friend asked me this question today. I found myself quoting the Islamic prayer, “God, I seek refuge in You, from You.”
This is the most powerful prayer that there is in my experience, where Love is the only refuge anyway.
Then I listened to the word, “protect”.
I then remembered Jonah and the message of the story that there is no where to run, that when I think that I’m running away, actually, because there’s only One, I’m running toward.
Then it appeared to me that the greatest protection is to drop all detection.
As it says in The Qur’an, if God sends you a test, nothing can stop it arriving; if God sends you a gift, nothing can step it from arriving.
There is no detective work needed about this world. There is One doing.
Your world is like it is because you are like you are.
My world is like it is because I am like I am.
Change is possible. “Be the change”, as Gandhi said, but remember that only One has the power to do, that’s for the asking.
No blame is necessary and God doesn’t make mistakes, they’re your job, that’s our task, everything is perfect.
To connect the ascending with the descending is transcending, then it’s simply a matter of how wide your circle is, how much your sphere can encompass.
Amo, Amas, Amat, Amamus, Amatis, Amant.

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