Heaven and Hell

William Blake wrote of “Heaven and Hell” and his work is mysterious and enigmatic.

Every generation addresses this matter.

God connects the seven levels of Hell and the seven levels of Heaven.
In the Christian Creed, Jesus Christ is described as descending into Hell, then ascending into Heaven.
Jesus Christ is met personally in the heart, the centre that is transcending, connecting the ascending and descending, holding all Love, stopping all Hell from breaking loose.
This reality is always present on Earth.
When T.S. Eliot wrote of the centre not holding in one of his poems, he was speaking of his feeling that this connection was lost. It was his personal feeling.
The sentinel fact is that, in this era, the centre holds.
The centre is now secured in the global 12 Step Fellowships wherein in this very instant, people are sharing with humour their darkest experiences of separation from The Holy Spirit, i.e. Hell, and the way in which they became conscious of their never absent connection with That Holy Spirit, i.e Heaven, the illusion therefore of that separation as a disease, and the Paradise of now improving their conscious contact with One Love.
Salaam. All power is in Love. The centre holds.

Abd al-Mu’min al-Jami’ ibn Hulli.

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