Alpha and Omega

The Alpha and Omega have never, ever been separated, they are imagined to be so in matter by a psyche that though itself a current, has become unwittingly corrupted by thinking the cathode/anode disarrangements of its own vehicle are more important than the current moment of its possible awareness.

To be so connected as an Alpha/Omega manifestation is to be The Human appearing as being a person.

These manifestations are so powerful when they appear that the whole species of Mankind has taken as its name Humankind, though as a totality of a physical manifestation Humankind is still only theoretically possible rather than actually here.

This theoretical possibility explains the Tale Of Two Cities analysis that history provides. Today, this is the best of times and it is the worst of times, which in itself is a kind of Alpha/Omega description, but the hugeness of this now global current seems to smash all local and personal sensibilities to their primordial pieces.

So, how to allow The Age Of Aquarius to actually appear?

The huge celebrity driven current that drives the global juggernaut, this current is stolen from the trickle charged disconnect that results from individuals not feeling their in-breath/out-breath, their waking/sleeping, their birthday/deathday – for themselves.

When a person reclaims their own Alpha/Omega reality with their own rheostat as their con-science, then the global juggernaut is rightsized, stops acting like a rogue elephant and the “Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs” money machine is dealt with.

This begins with the small number of Alpha/Omega connected people on the planet currently, de-cloaking and taking on the degenerative interpretation of Holy Writ, challenging that which has ensured the cul-de-sac state into which the world’s political class has inversed itself, catalysing a conversation that repairs an articulation of political vision.

This process is not without risk of course, as history can bear witness, but timing is everything and The Bhagavad Gita is quite clear on The One being all there is in any event and that the old ways have already died.

The battle is to overcome inner familiar relations, not to officiously fight on the material plane.

The lesser jihad has gone, The Greater Jihad is in reconnecting the actual terminals of our actual existence – now.

ACID test.

Your current situation is measured in your conscience, or with-science, where science is simply what you know.
Conscience works with ‘energy in’ from an anode interface with the invisible singularity, Love, connected to the visible ‘energy out’ cathode interface, Worth.
When the relationship between Love and Worth becomes adulterated, then personal current or energy potential drops to a trickle charge. Whole swathes of people lose faith in Love and money completely overwhelmes Worth.
People then seek to augment their personal dynamic erroneously by stealing little bits of current from ‘other’ people, places and things.
This mistake all but destroys the personal and collective anode connections over time and the cults of celebrity manifest as a kind of quasi anode for people, thus further stealing what little trickle charge people personally have with the glaring arc lights of stolen celebrity popularity appearing to light up a cultural landscape with lightening flashes.
This unstable situation is not sustainable as can be witnessed presently in Earth’s cultural and climatic conditions.
The resolution to these “current” problems begins with individuals taking an honest inventory of their inner cathode and anode connections.
The conscience of a person is in how they speak to themselves in their inner diction, its health is in the steady sustainability of light as a function of guidance along a knowledge based journey of experience.
The therapy that can help restore a person and then eventually a collective, to a healthier more practical conscionable experience is brought into focus initially as an invitation to a conversation around Diction Resolution Therapy.

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